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суббота, 30 января 2016 г.

An effective manager plundering of public funds and government

Plant "Rosnano", built in 15 billion rubles, declared bankruptThe project is to produce innovative batteries have not been able to become successfulFour years ago in Novosibirsk Factory "Liotech" did not say just lazy. Start of production of lithium-ion batteries, which are needed for the buses to the motor turned into grandiznoe show. Workshops shine on the dance floor as the floors, around sterile cleanliness - in general, exemplary production ...At the opening granted by the head of "RUSNANO" Antoly Chubais. He did not hide his emotions:- This is a large-scale breakthrough project, transforming the entire industry to a new technological level, - said then head of the state corporation. But his aides dobovlyaet: this is the world's largest company of this kind.

Investments amounted to nearly 15 billion. Rubles. Partners choose from China - the company Thunder Sky. But in fact, came zilch. Half of the capacity of working - the other is idle. Yesterday the Arbitration Court launched bankruptcy proceedings.
The total amount of debt the company - more than 8.6 mln. Rubles. Among the creditors anxious to recover their money back, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Novosibirsk region. The court ruled in his favor to collect 498.8 million rubles., Identified as state support.By the way, regarding the construction of "Liotech" Accounting Chamber voiced claims to "Rosnano" even during inspections in 2012. Even then, violations have been found, which, according to the auditors, could be linked to the "corrupt motives."In "Rosnano" say they are not to blame for the failure - say, brought partners from China.- The plant was created "Rosnano", together with the Chinese company Thunder Sky in a guaranteed demand - Beijing confirmed its intention to buy 85% of the production plant. His partner did not fulfill the obligations in the future, the project was implemented without his participation - are justified in state corporations. - We expect that during the procedure of observation (it is introduced in the company in connection with the bankruptcy - Ed.) To complete the development of new and more demanded by the market making. This will allow the company to emerge from the crisis.CALL FOR COMPANYThe information from the employees of the plant does not get so easy. All sources only one phone on which the Secretary sends the girl to the head office - in "Rosnano". But at the same time in a social network is an open group of companies. Reports December administrator group Tatiana Zubarev says all the doubters - the factory works, all right. To reach her on her cell, the answer is the same - call "Rosnano". Meanwhile, the same group of lithium-ion batteries requests to sell the common people, even if the piece! And it sells! Someone even posted a video with the signature of "thank you" to him the boot, "Zhiguli" packed with new batteries, which are bolted to the audio amplifiers.READ ALSOAnatoly Chubais at corporate "Rosnano": We have a lot of money over the double award!Who soup empty, and to whom - too small diamonds. "Rosnano" headed by Anatoly Chubais noisily celebrated the imminent arrival of the new 2016 year. Dear nano-korporativchik for about 300 senior staff had cost millions of rubles 

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