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суббота, 30 января 2016 г.

The Russian government has enriched the oligarchy

Barshchou set went up by 40 percentFood prices in Russia continue to grow. Thus, according to monitoring of the Ministry of Agriculture, prices of agricultural producers of vegetables so-called Barshchou set from the beginning of the year increased by an average of 40%. In this collection, we recall includes products needed for cooking borscht.
The leaders of growth - cabbage, add two months to 62.8%. Its selling price is estimated agricultural departments of 22.91 rubles per 1 kg. Onion rose by 38.3% to 22.72 rubles, potatoes - by 24% to 20.01 rubles, carrot - by 23.3% to 18.99 rubles. Note that the same capital markets vegetable prices more than twice the data of Ministry of Agriculture, that is, 50% of the wind the speculators and traders.

Recall that the vegetables become more expensive in Russia traditionally from late autumn until late spring. This is due to the fact that there are not enough facilities for the storage of the crop. As told "NO" the professor of the Center for agricultural and food policy RANHiGS Vasili Uzun, bulk purchases of food has been big business, which is not profitable to mess with small local producers, and especially to invest in new bases with modern refrigeration equipment. "It's much less hassle when importing apples from Poland and vegetables from Finland, where they have established storage and packaging and do not require specific costs" - says the source "NO". However, when another form of organization of the agricultural business, our farmers can fully cover the needs of the domestic market of fruits and vegetables.
After the vegetables most noticeably since the beginning of the year increased selling prices for apples - by 31.9% to 51.22 rubles. In retail, they are already of the order of 70-120 rubles. In the dairy segment leadership in the wholesale price growth keeps butter. In January-February, it increased in price by 7.3% to 333.53 rubles. The price of raw milk increased by 3.2%, to 23 rubles, pasteurized - by 4.9% to 41.67 rubles. Cheese in opte added 3.3% to 291.16 rubles per 1 kg. In turn, the retail price hike was already 9.4%. The price of them rose to 432.69 rubles.El GrigorievaSource: newizv.ru

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