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пятница, 22 января 2016 г.

Traders at the departments

And who said that the education of the poor in Russia?Published ratings revenue rectors of Russian universities. Double-digit figures, and there's even a three-digit million rubles. And all the familiar names: Mau, Kuzmin, Pochinok, etc.Among Muscovites lead rector of the Higher School of Economics Yaroslav Kuz'minov, increase your income more than doubled from 19.99 to 45.25 million rubles.Second place is newcomer in our ranking - the new rector of the Russian State Social University (RSSU) Natalia Pochinok with an income of 41.03 million rubles. Natalia Pochinok also stood out in the rankings as the owner of the bright and unusual not just for the rector's staff, but also, in general, for the beautiful half of the vehicle - a motorcycle Ducati Monster 796.

Retained third place in Moscow Rector of Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANHiGS) Vladimir Mau, with an annual income of 38.83 million rubles. Last year, the head of RANHiGS earned 1.9 million less.At the fourth position of the income rector of Moscow State University of Railways Boris Leuven in 37.7 million rubles.In the fifth place ranking last year moved the leader - Vice-Rector of the Higher School of Economics Leonid Gokhberg earned in 2014 35.84 million rubles, which is 3.5 million rubles less than last year, Leonid Markovich recorded car Audi A8L.Five from the formation of the Moscow rich closes Rector of the Russian Academy of Foreign Trade Sergei Sinelnikov-Murylev with an annual income of 31.77 million rubles, which is 6 million less than the last year's result."Regional Top" led the pro-rector of the Dagestan State Agricultural University named Magomed Dzhambulatov Mahammadrasul with an income of 102.74 million rubles, and the director of the Moscow branch of the Kalmyk State Humanitarian-Economic Institute Aidarova Gilan, declared for 2014 revenue of 109.22 million rubles.In general, not a disaster. And I keep thinking, why Russia is continuously increasing the average salary? That's why.Source: burckina-faso.livejournal.com

Looting continuedAcademic looters want more money to "integrate into the global academic community, and opportunities to conduct full-fledged research." They were so eager to integrate into the global academic community, that does not matter, and who will pay for this integration, and what will be the price? All statements Yaroslav Kuzminova "Then, according to Yaroslav Kuzminova, Higher School of Economics in five to seven years will be able to compete on equal terms with Stanford, and then give the world the Nobel Prize in Economics," there is an empty bluff. Rolling Eyes For all time of its existence, the HSE has not prepared nor one standing specialist in the field of economic science, which would be proved in practice. Since then, as himself admits Kuz'minov all their predictions are false. Embarassed And can teach young people Chubais, Gref, Yasin, Gaidar and all this take? Is that the looting. "Respect for private property" - as explained Kuzmin.Yes, these young reformers who have shown the most boundless contempt for private property of Soviet citizens now taught to respect private property, but belongs to them. And even created for the whole academy. And now shorn from all the money himself PR on every corner. That's just to prepare serious specialists needed is not so much money, how much sincerity and true knowledge from the teachers themselves.
Alexey Kazakov

Knowledge of "the market" or ... "Bazaar" in science.
"80 million readers of AIF" - is a significant fact, is not it? "- With this rhetorical question of advertising for several months in a row, we meet in each room, the popular weekly. No wonder! Just revision develops the advertising market - one of the main values ​​of a new civilization, the struggle for which it was put a lot of effort.With what item goes it now? The answer - in the pages of "AiFa", although among other things, proposed to the products covered under the rubric of "science", "pedagogy" or simply a derivative of them - "advice to young mothers and fathers ..."For example, in the March number 9 this year, under the headline "Institute of Man", Corresponding O.Izvekova talks with Professor A.Matyushkinym on "Wonder Boys, genius, talent." Many things can learn from this young parent interviews: first, that "the great scientific discoveries and works of art are born precisely because their author did everything" wrong ". Secondly, it is known that the professor ratio of "talent" and "mentally retarded." Third, that the talent - a high talent "in one thing," and the genius - genius once in "several areas". Moreover, the first - about 15%, and the second - about 2%.And much more ... Well, what can I say ?!For a start like this: you need to, of course, the truth was revealed to be a Nobel Prize winner. But even this does not mean that everyone who was awarded, certainly ... discover the truth.As to the reasoning of the interviewee in "AiFe" Professor ... What is a "logical vigilance" fathers and mothers have to be at every step. Judge for yourself. Of course, who made a great discovery, he naturally went "wrong", like those of his compatriots who did the opening. So what?! We followed the professor argued that productivity in science and art comes from in order to do "all wrong"? There are people saying: "To spite her husband will sit in a puddle." It's also true that over, but people laugh. So, if it does not, under the name "Institute of Man", recommend us as a reliable algorithm for creativity in the culture? After all, in politics and public life of this approach is to prevail ...Logic for such assurances, as we see, is not enough. But even a complete lack of logic does not prevent claims that to get to the current market "of scientific ideas." Oh, this market! It is of course possible to make the Truth item, but - not the goods converted into truth. Although ... If under the "mark of the Institute of Man", then - how to say!Meanwhile, everyone knows that, entering "not like everyone", ie, made the discovery, the genius or talent of the breed is not a tantrum, as a general rule, which is followed by all. In the language of philosophy and culture of the world, the opening - a productive person in general. And not "productivity" in various "antics" (both individual and social, as "professional" as well as amateur as "normal" and the cathedral), which, in the same language, are called " a bad personality. "Consider, for example, to Eckermann famous book called "Conversations with Goethe in the last years of his life" - the handbook of all the cultural and educated people. From it we learn that the "genius" - a demonic force of man. Moreover, according to Goethe, it does not matter "what the man." (Recall that "AIFS" is what, precisely, and it is important to distinguish between genius from talent). It is characterized, firstly, productive. Secondly, it is highly positive, because exclude Mephistophelean beginning, which, according to the great poet and thinker, "too negative." And, thirdly, the genius does not lose its productive forces, even after death. "We know ... quite significant names in his lifetime considered geniuses, the impact of which, however, ended with their lives, and that means that they were not so significant as thought themselves and how others think of them" - said Goethe.The great German philosopher Hegel, a younger contemporary of Goethe, too, believed that the genius - a productive person in general. As for the differences between the "talent" and "genius" that, logically speaking, the first - is the productivity in the area of ​​"species" of human activity, and the second - in the field "kind". Talent is creating a new kind of culture and genius - the culture itself, its "new generation."And what of it? And from this it follows that the "geeks, genius and talents" are formed not on an assumed statistical rules "human institution." For that kind of "institution", if in his calculations, he does not observe even the most elementary laws of logic? After all, even the whole "pre-market" has been known to mankind: the laws of logic - is the universal laws of gods and men.... When talk of talent buried in the ground that Christ uttered on the Mount of Olives, he likened the money of human abilities, the humanity they were born two truths. The first - the truth that the money in circulation is better than the money buried in the ground or hidden in a jug. The second truth: that human ability - it is something much better than money. Even if the money is put into a profitable turnover!Do the same from the Gospel parable of the "conclusion" to the effect that knowledge - is, first of all the goods and place them on the market - it means not respect Christ or Truth. And, moreover, not fearing God Himself ... turn science into a market.

Valery Molchanov, Ph.D.,City Council member seminar on Russian, German and Greek philosophy"Russian Logos".

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