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среда, 13 января 2016 г.

Ruslan Grinberg - a preacher without a moral compass and no solid scientific knowledge

 Ruslan Grinberg: Money has become a god. But the war is not
It so happened that Russia - a country of extremes. In Soviet times, the money we have considered something very unseemly, even immoral. One of our poet wrote: "Take Lenin with money." Highly moral image of Lenin on a ten-bill was considered sacrilege. But there was a great transformation. And money has become a god.
I think that today we are witnessing a historic moment in the sense that there is neither theoretical nor political, nor moral compass for our life. We in Russia is strongly felt. Although, of course, the bosses always exudes optimism: our growth rate, such that for some countries in Europe it would be a great happiness; unemployment is small; over the last ten years, revenues grew in all categories of citizens.

But there is a problem that can be formulated as follows: in Russia there is growth without development. We see the degradation of the industrial landscape, a big gap between the rich and the rest of the bunch weight of the poor. (Though it should be noted that the poor also increased their income over the past decade, and it is said about the stability of power.)
More must be said that for a variety of measurements (and those who love the government, and those who do not like it) it turns out that one in five people we belong to the middle class. (When Putin came to power, there was only one in ten.) This is a very important achievement. (By the way, why the opposition we are not very popular, especially since half of it - people who at the time already visited in power.)
However, we are now witnessing an ideological dead end, I would say. Both in Europe and in Russia and in the world in general. We see confusion in theory and in economic policy. Although I disagree with the alarmist comments about the fact that so many contradictions that have accumulated in the world, can only allow a war. It is not necessary. I still think that mankind learns.
The current situation is often compared to the 30 years we are. But, in my opinion, this is heaven and earth. I recall that Adolf Hitler came to power, when unemployment was 48.7%. So he comes in - it is a purely materialistic story: choose the one who promised to give jobs and lead to happiness. However, not the whole world, but only the German nation.
Pay attention to the fact that in the 30s was the policy of "steal the neighbor", "sell or die", to take actions that lead to the paralysis of trade. It was crazy. Now this is, thank God, no.
Many criticized G20. But I personally think that they have done a lot of good: to prevent powerful protectionism (closing domestic markets from foreign goods to support its manufacturer - ed.), Prevented the race devaluation (depreciation of money - Ed.), Which many had predicted.
Problems, of course, exist. For example, it is necessary to decide how to still run the economic growth.
In my opinion, the money simply get stuck in financial institutions that do not know to whom they give, because there is no reliable investors. Dishonest, of course, take up, and do not return this fall with the banks. But honestly more. And they do not want to borrow, because they know that they can not get them back. This is a very difficult situation.
In this context, the project matures amazing time for the development of Siberia and the Far East. For Russia, it is very valuable, I would say, a magnificent idea, and for the development of industry and population growth (can you imagine that seven people per square kilometer in the country), and for the economy as a whole. So we have a serious chance of success. Ruslan Grinberg Source: aif.ru

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A comment
Plutocratic power in Russia is the power of Greenberg, and because it is so sophisticated and praises her. "Russia is a country of extremes," and therefore anything is possible, he says to justify the unprecedented plunder of people's Greenberg, ie We are not crooks, and this country! People are beginning to ask and to be indignant: enough to rob, kill and rape, and Greenberg him - because Russia is a country of extremes. And what, one wonders indignant citizens, because even the poorest have become richer, according to statistics. And the fact that the statistics in Russia Greenberg false, because does not know.
In Russia there are unseen, for Europe, growth rates, brings people "scientist"! And what is the inflation rate of growth Greenberg in the head and not coming.
Again, the middle class is growing, the truth is that it is in Russia, Greenberg somehow modestly. And so it lives somewhere keep silent, somewhere sovret somewhere servile cave in to the authorities, and also justify themselves - because "there is neither theoretical nor political, nor moral compass for our life." Justify himself Greenberg and a leader actively involved in predatory privatization and received, apparently just for this activity, academic degree, and nothing significant knows - "We are seeing the confusion, both in theory and in economic policy", and therefore to me, saying, demand nothing.Only by human standards, not grinberovskim, from the fact that someone has no moral compass does not justify the lies of Greenberg.

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