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суббота, 30 января 2016 г.

At the service of the oligarchy

Ministry of Economic Development has refused to impose a tax on the richMinistry of Economic Development drafted a crisis plan for 2016. It is expected that it will be discussed at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on January 27.A number of initiatives proposed by various agencies, did not find the approval of the Ministry of Economic Development. This, in particular, the question of imposing a tax on high salaries and on the limitation of salaries of the top management of state-owned companies. With these proposals made Ministry of Labor.The project plan consists of two parts - included therein initiative bodies (of 96) previously rejected (43). On the implementation of the approved by the need 500 billion rubles. 310 billion have already been budgeted for 2016 - a regional loans. The remaining funds should be directed to support the financial sector, in particular mechanical engineering.

In the first part of the anti-crisis plan has not got, as the newspaper writes, "the most loud initiative", coming from the Ministry of Labor. Maxim Office Topilin favors the introduction of a progressive tax scale. In addition, the Ministry proposes to streamline payment level managers of state companies, and savings to list "the lowest paid workers."Nor were approved the initiative of the Ministry of Energy of the privatization of state companies and non-core assets restrict their charitable activities on the promotion of non-unused power capacity. Support is not found, and the Ministry of Agriculture. Office invites to compensate agricultural producers who have foreign currency loans, losses from the devaluation of the ruble.In 2015, deputies from the faction "Fair Russia" and the Communist Party has repeatedly introduced into the State Duma a bill on the introduction of a wealth tax. October 29, Vasily Shevtsov of "Fair Russia" proposed to tax at 25 percent of revenue from 25 million to 100 million rubles a year. 35 percent would have to pay those who receive from 100 to 200 million, 50 per cent - from 200 million. March 15 Nikolay Ryabov (CPRF) introduced a bill according to which people with a salary of less than 40 thousand rubles a month must be remitted to the state less than 13 percent, from 40 000 - 13 per cent, from 100,000 - 16 percent. The positive effect for the budget he estimated at 400 billion rubles. No document has not been approved by Parliament.  

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