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пятница, 22 января 2016 г.

The queue for the citizens

In Russia, changed the rules of payment of benefitsAct came into force, actually canceling a number of regional benefits, pay and benefits, which will now be carried out on the basis of the so-called principle of targeting and means testing, the correspondent of "Rosbalt".The law was adopted in connection with the new federal budget deficit which is expected to reach 3% of GDP.The provisions of the document relating to the many categories of people - families with children, victims of Chernobyl, veterans of labor, the unemployed, workers in agriculture, etc.

Thus, according to the document, Chernobyl will be able to rely on individual compensation and payments only if they have permanent residence (work) in the zones of radioactive contamination. Send my permanent residence refers to the law of a period of one year (evacuation zone), three years (the zone with the right of resettlement), four years (the zone with preferential socioeconomic status) just before the granting of payments.
According to another norm, canceled the payment of the monthly child allowance. Now it will be paid only once a quarter, with its size, the procedure of appointment, indexation and payment, including the application of the criteria of need, will henceforth be established by laws and other normative legal acts of subjects of the Russian Federation.In addition, to compensate for the parents pay for the maintenance of the child in kindergarten is also offered based on "need criteria", which will set the regional authorities.The law also toughens requirements for the title of "Veteran of work" for the persons awarded with orders, medals and honorary titles of the USSR or the Russian Federation, as well as departmental awarded marks of distinction.It is assumed that the criteria of need in the regions will be developed based on the guidelines of Ministry of Labor.Source: rosbalt.ru
-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------It is up to the citizens, who have to decide - whether they need in such a state. If GDP falls, the industry is bent, the consumption of citizens is reduced, the export of capital increases, the ruble devalued, crime increases, reduced social protection, bankers are cashing in unemployment and increasing the taxes to pay for that state is not necessary. Just refuse to pay taxes and there are no guidelines, while not required.

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