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суббота, 30 января 2016 г.

Gray essence of anti-Soviet bureaucracy

Putin pointed to the "gray" schemes in the field of housing and communal services
Russian President Vladimir Putin said that there are attempts to shift on the public debt problem in the housing sector.
"There is a huge reservoir of problems and a lot of, unfortunately, gray schemes. And there are attempts, it is clear shift in the population of the problems that in this area accumulated for years, for decades," - he said, speaking at the first Interregional Conference ONF.

Putin cited data showing that the total debt in the housing sector in Russia exceeds the sum of 937 billion rubles. "And if you say, say something already immersed in these issues. See you need to how to operate the company's serving? What do they do, how they inform the public?" - Said the head of state, recalling the decision to oblige operating companies to fully disclose information about their activities.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Construction has estimated debts in the system of housing and communal services in the third quarter of 2015. The total debt amounts to almost 1 trillion rubles. At the same time the owners have their HOA management companies and nearly 250 billion rubles.
According to Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing Andrew lapwing, turnover of housing and communal services exceed 4 trillion rubles. "It turns out, nearly a quarter of the turnover is in debt. Unfortunately, half of that amount - it is the duty of companies to each other: resursosnabzhayuschie companies have gas companies, power companies," - he said.Source: www.rosbalt.ru  

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