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суббота, 30 января 2016 г.

The source of instability

Government policy is dangerous for the internal stability
It stubbornly and persistently does not want to hear anyone's suggestions.The media has leaked information about the amendments to the federal budget 2015, which presented the MPs to discuss and vote. Sergei Naryshkin has already announced that changes will be accepted until April 10, the State Duma.The amendments that the planned massive spending cuts in several areas. Cuts in funding will affect even the program, the execution of which provided the famous "May decrees" of Vladimir Putin.Comment on this news we have proposed to the Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on Economic Policy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Nicholas Aref'eva.

We are told that a progressive tax - it is unfair- Nothing else, I did not expect! The price of oil fell, and we have all the oil and gas around turns. Real sector in general is not taken into consideration, and, probably, because it is simply not present, and if the price of raw materials has decreased, it was reflected in the revenue budget.Today, we held a round table to discuss measures to resolve the crisis. Economists of all political persuasions say they need to do, but we do not listen. The government has consistently and persistently does not want us to hear.A unique situation to raise the real sector. The dollar rose, with him went up imports. Demand for their products is, and loan businesses do not, and they just do not have working capital. Clearly, it is necessary to reduce the discount rate, and then the economy will work. Revenues from oil and gas revenues will exceed this. But do not.Then we propose to establish exchange controls, to prevent speculation and capital flight to the West. Again - no. This is called stepping foot on ourselves and not peeling. In these conditions are taken to reduce costs. What for?You can also introduce a progressive tax that will affect mainly the oligarchs. They receive a salary of 3.5 million rubles a month, and some even manage the day to receive a salary. We are told that a progressive tax - it's unfair, but then I have a question: Is it fair to reduce the salaries of teachers, doctors and all the rest?In the USSR, 20% of the budget was provided with vodka and tobaccoToday we have a progressive tax law, I wrote it myself, and I know that he will give 3.9 trillion rubles of additional revenue per year. With that kind of money is nothing to be afraid of any adversity, and the measure exists in many countries, including the United States, where the tax is also increased during the crisis.And we, by the way, offered a soft option: keep the tax at 13% for those whose salary is less than 400 thousand rubles per month. Someone from 400 thousand to a million, at that 400 thousand taxed at 13%, and the balance of 30%. But for those who receive more than 1 million per month, with 50% of the take. I believe that this is normal, and no one really gets hurt.There are other sources of income. For example, the state monopoly on alcohol and tobacco. So it was from the time of Peter I, and in the USSR 20% of the budget was provided vodka and tobacco. Now all this is given to individuals. As you can see, the financial problems can be solved, but the government does not take appropriate measures.Incidentally, the feature of colonial policy is the situation when their income curtailed, and foreign business, in contrast, is able to earn. But such a policy is dangerous for internal stability.Source: km.ru  

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