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суббота, 30 января 2016 г.

The fuss around the state ownership

The Ministry of Finance announced the privatization of "Rosneft" and "Bashneft"
The government plans to privatize stakes in major state oil and gas companies, including "Rosneft" and "Bashneft". In an interview with TV channel "Russia 24" said Finance Minister Anton Siluanov as saying on Tuesday, December 29 leads Rambler News Service.
"The Russian government is preparing a proposal for the implementation of a package of large companies that can replenish the resources of our budget and reduce the pressure on spending from the reserve fund. First of all, it is "Rosneft" also addresses the issue of "Bashneft" and a number of other large companies ", - said the Minister.

Earlier in December, the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Alexei Ulyukayev announced its readiness for privatization of "Rosneft", "Aeroflot", "Sovcomflot" ALROSA and other state-owned companies. Among the possible ways he described the placement of shares on the open market and sell to strategic investors.
Ulyukayev said that the decision on whether the privatization will be taken on the basis of the fiscal situation and the share of which companies are on the market, as well as the need to reduce government involvement in the economy. "In this case it is important to get a decision in principle (the authorities - a comment." Heathcliff! ")," - He said.
December 17, President Vladimir Putin made the privatization of state-owned stakes in major Russian companies. According to him, the measure has two goals: the completion of the budget and the transition of assets to more efficient owner. Putin noted that the situation is not favorable for the sale of state shares in corporations, but guess when it will be successful, it is impossible. In particular, he referred to companies such as "Rosneft" and "Aeroflot". The control package the government plans to leave at home.Source: lenta.ru

Tops and Roots
Current Archive"Gazprom" has acquired 72% shares of "Sibneft"All summer from the pages of newspapers, in addition to the criminal case "Yukos" did not leave the topic of purchase by the state 10.7% of the shares of "Gazprom", for which the government shelled out $ 7.1 billion. Dollars. For a long time, in the media, much debated issue of acquisition of "Gazprom" 72% of the shares of "Sibneft". And the transaction took place on September 28. "Gazprom" has acquired over 13,091 billion dollars 72.663% of shares of "Sibneft". And today we are witnessing not only the continuing privatization of state property, but also witnessed deprivatizatsionnyh processes.These processes are the return of oil and gas assets in state ownership caused some journalists and politicians euphoria. Here they say, the government has taken care of the people and the oligarchs have bought, plundered people's property, the property. But the people did not express any particular enthusiasm, because he was unaware that he would be this and not know how to relate to the event. But the reporters did not have long to admire, as in the beginning of the fall in fuel prices sharply leapt up, and the euphoria quickly faded.In a society again, as at the beginning of perestroika, not comic sparked debate about forms of ownership. Some, such as Zhirinovsky, Zyuganov and some United Russia in favor of increasing the share of state property, others, like Potanin, who said that he was not sure of the effectiveness of the state in the economy, Illarionov, have been found in some public figures "Venezuelan" disease Nemtsov, Chubais Democrats and their supporters, foaming at the mouth, prove that private ownership is much more efficient and better for the people. Some say that officials are not interested in the development of production, and therefore the state property has no chance of survival in a competitive environment. Their opponents point to Khodorkovsky and other oligarchs, accusing them of fraud and robbery of the people. And the Prosecutor General's Office continues to investigate the case of "Yukos", trying to find traces of the $ 7 billion stolen and legalized by displaying them abroad. In general, all fighting for the good of the people, but only for something, so far without people.But as at that time, and now none of them arguing about the forms of property does not make the issue of public participation in monitoring how the activities of the enterprises and the state. They did not seem to know that it is the lack of control on the part of society, with the privatization process, has allowed officials to distribute state property to their partners and on this amass considerable capital, and souped owners receive billions in assets for a very small amount. Only in 1995, organized by mortgaging auctions, the state sold $ 100 million 51% of the shares of "Sibneft", which is now estimated at 8.5 billion. Dollars, 79% of shares of "Yukos" of 319 million, estimated in 2005 at 18 8 billion, 40.12% of the shares of "Surgutneftegaz" for $ 90 million, is estimated currently at $ 15 billion, 51% of "Norilsk Nickel" for 170 million, which grew in value to 6.23 billion. dollars in 2005 . How many have received bonuses from these transactions various officials and others involved in the mortgage auction people remains a mystery shrouded in mystery, which is unlikely to become widely known among Russian citizens.Today, the power of pretending that the case "Yukos", applies only to employees of the company, and the involvement of high government officials, without which carry out all these machinations would be impossible, not even implied.So, says the reader. Quite correctly enters today's power tends to return the oil and gas assets in state ownership, after reading the message that "Gazprom" bought 72.663% of shares of "Sibneft" and pay for them 13.091 billion dollars. Moreover, all this is being touted as the return of illegally acquired, like the return of biblical prodigal son. But whether we should take the time to enjoy this turn of events, and is worth a look more closely at the deal. After all, the state company has acquired 72.663% of the shares of 13.091 billion dollars when the entire campaign "Sibneft", according to various estimates costs from $ 6.8 billion (data for the first half of 2005, the site of RBC) to 8.5 billion. (Gazeta " News »№171). Especially that buying "Sibneft", "Gazprom" has paid, including oil assets, which the government has already privatized. Two and a half years ago, the state company "Slavneft" was purchased by the alliance of TNCs and "Sibneft" for $ 1.8 billion. Dollars. Now this asset back under the wing of the state, but at a higher price.And where, I ask, deputies of the State Duma, obliged to guard the interests of the people, where the representatives of the Chamber of Accounts, where the public prosecutor's supervision, that is, all those who would have to monitor the legality of what is happening and to defend the interests of Russian citizens? They are in this case we do not see. It is possible that they clearly asked not to intervene in this matter. MPs seem to be more concerned about leaving Russian women abroad. The president had to disown the deal, saying that it is not necessary to link the purchase of "Gazprom" 72% of the shares of "Sibneft" to the concept of the state that "if the state company wants to receive shares of another company, this does not mean that the government also wants the deal ". What brought the public into confusion. Ordinary citizens of such a statement the president is absolutely confused and they do not understand why the acquisition of state-owned company in the $ 13 billion of shares of a private company, when officials cut back past social guarantees, when a huge number of people living below the poverty line, when the state has, according to Rosstat, arrears of salaries to state 911 million rubles, not dollars and rubles, is a private matter. It turns out, the state does not want this deal, but is forced to make concessions. So, who belongs to whom? Company state or state companies?After these explanations presidential, people difficult to understand anything. Therefore, he has to put up with what is happening, waiting for further developments. Bole so that more of the public control of the people and are not available.It turns out that in the absence of public control, the state is selling, it buys oil assets, and profits from official and his counterpart of the oligarch. And all this is happening under the pretext, a "scientific" reasons and treatment of social consciousness. The government is behaving with people like that guy with the stupid bear: if you want, "tops", ie private property - please or want "roots" - state ownership - get a smile, but do not go in our state affairs and prices fuel as a growing and growing, and gas prices are increasing at an unprecedented pace.It appears that under the current government, the manipulation of transfer of assets from the state to a private company and back may continue indefinitely, allocating money pot for the organizers of these movements. And Mr. President, at the same time, exhibits a high degree of democracy, not daring to stop these movements manipulation of oil and gas assets. Only some one-sided democratic guarantor of the Constitution of our work. For civil servants, managers of state company, no limits, and even more, they can do things that may not like the president. But for the people no freedoms. Power has for a long time, and only deals with the fact that cuts people's right to control its activities. So, limiting the possibility of passing objectionable to Parliament, introducing amendments to the electoral law, it passed a law on political parties significantly limits the ability of citizens to participate in the political process, then, abolishing the election of governors, it negates the independence of the media, it restricts rallies and pickets, it introduces strict regulation of strikes, it establishes a public room, to create the illusion of popular representation. In general, the government is doing today to representatives of the people could not control its activities, which, of course, will allow it to secure, in the future, generate significant revenues and uncontrolled.Well, citizens once again robbed and cheated, and will run in circles, trying to secure a decent existence is firmly learned that the only control on the part of society as the activities of the state and the activities of private business, that only the strict observance of all democratic norms, and not selectively as it wishes the power can be a guarantor of human existence, the guarantor of equality, freedom and justice.Vitaly Glukhov11.10.2005 Mr.

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