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суббота, 30 января 2016 г.

The Russian ruble and oil

The Russian ruble and the oil - the view Bank of America
Economists at Bank of America have made calculations on a complex model, which is kept secret in order to identify - at any rate of the ruble against the dollar and oil prices the Russian budget will be deficit-free.
And it turned out - this is possible with oil prices of $ 25 a barrel and heading 210 rubles for one dollar.
Analysts determine the exchange rate as a fully dependent on the dynamics of oil prices. In this regard, the negative expectations about the prospects for the oil market have led to a decrease in the expected value of the Russian currency against the US dollar.

Curiously, Morgan Stanley, a major US bank holding company, referring to the number of financial conglomerates, which owns the largest brokerage in the world, has also revised downward the forecast for the ruble in 2016-2017.
For the implementation of the budget deficit to 3%, determined by the President of Russia as a maximum, the dollar should cost 140 rubles.
The Russian budget for 2016 been drawn up from the script, implying an average annual oil price of $ 50 a barrel and heading 63.3 rubles per dollar.
As of January 25, at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia, established from January 23, the dollar is worth 80.5714 rubles.
In the course of trading on the Intercontinental Exchange at 6:10 by the time Jerusalem March futures price for North Sea petroleum mix of Brent was $ 32.36 per barrel.Source: stop-news.com 

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