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понедельник, 14 августа 2017 г.

Talking about the development, and engaged in embezzlement

Accounts chamber: In development institutions and state corporations were dissolved 5 trillion rubles

For the last 6 years, the government sent in development institutions 5 trillion rubles of taxpayers ' money, however, the effectiveness of the spending of these funds is questionable. In an interview with TASS on St. Petersburg international economic forum said the head of the audit chamber Tatyana Golikova.
According to her, every year, the development institutions receive about 500 billion rubles. The chain, which runs on money, allows them to virtually disappear without a trace.
"We seem to see government corporations, which are 100% servants of the state, but on the other hand, their perimeter includes joint-stock companies, which are, respectively, cost money, and there already to trace something it is difficult", - has explained Golikova.

"The big questions", she said, always call and investments of state-owned companies. It is about how the timing of the implementation of investment programmes and about their appropriateness in General.
"The paradox, but as soon as there are mixed budgetary funds, somehow, their effectiveness begins to decline," he said.
Procurement of state corporations are subjected to practically no government control.
"As you know, they write their position on public procurement. These provisions are very different from each other. And if we compare the competitiveness of public procurement to competition there, it's two fundamentally different things. Suffice it to say that they use 5 thousand different types of procurement, there are 170 electronic platforms, and very difficult to compare even something, some sign of them," - said Golikova.
To reveal the scale of the problems, she said, will help the mechanism of Treasury support for public procurement, which is gradually implemented in some state-owned companies. "I think that in the foreseeable future we can see some problematic areas", - said the head of the SP.
According to the Federal Antimonopoly service, only 5% of public procurement in Russia are held on a competitive basis. The remaining 95% get pre-determined suppliers. The result is at least 10% of the market is controlled by cartels, and prices are overestimated by 20-30%, which the budget loses up to one trillion rubles per year.
Procurement from a single supplier along with the overestimation of the classical scheme of cutting the budget money, earlier told TASS Deputy head of the Federal Antimonopoly service Maxim Ovchinnikov.
"Price competition is no, and wins a selected participant. This is a fairly common pattern in the auction, we are trying to solve this problem the security checks, we created the control-inspection Department, which performs appropriate "dawn raids". In that year they spent about 20-30 inspections with on-site excavation of the relevant documents. While the cases under investigation", - explained the official.

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