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суббота, 5 августа 2017 г.

The result of the domination of the oligarchy and plutocracy

Expert: on the brink of survival were 70% of Russian families
The fall in living standards during the present crisis has put on the brink of survival 70% of the Russian families. These data were provided at the April conference of the HSE, the Director of the Institute for social policy Lilia Ovcharova, the newspaper "Vedomosti".
Evaluation of the HSE, the proportion of the population that has the money for anything other than mandatory spending on food, commodities and base payments to the government decreased during the years 2014-2016 in the quarter.
Half their income is spent on basic needs. A budget of survival. The rest is a development resource that can be invested in education, health, leisure and culture, housing, etc. In the first place get poorer and the already poor population.

On the assessment of Ovcharovo, under the most favorable scenario, which includes the absence of external shocks, to the same consumer standards, the economy will be able to return only by 2024.
During the implementation of the proposals in "switching economy" new source of growth through investments, to increase profits while containing wage growth, said Ovcharov. The maximum that can occur with income and consumption in such conditions is a slow recovery to pre-crisis level.
By the end of 2016, the real incomes of the population decreased by 13% compared to October 2014, salaries - by 8%. The number of poor has increased by 3.9 million to 19.8 million - almost one in seven. Retail turnover fell by 16%.
According to VTB24, in cities with the population from 100 thousand people and more than the majority - 39% - people with incomes up to 20 thousand rubles a month, a little more than 35% - from 20 thousand to 40 thousand rubles: the population survival budget. Revenues nearly 22% of the population - from 40 thousand to 100 thousand - 120 thousand roubles, just above the 3.8%.
In these circumstances, tax reform, conceived in 2018 and includes an increase in the burden on the population and its reduction to business, risks to close the economy in a vicious circle, he said.
The government's plan is to release business funds for investment, constraining wage growth. However, if "strangle" the income of the population, no multiplier effect will not be - without the wage growth in the economy will not have the demand, and the notorious modernization suffocate before it even started.

Read more: https://www.newsru.com/finance/14apr2017/survivers.html

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