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воскресенье, 6 августа 2017 г.

The lackeys of the oligarchy aktivnichayut

The strategy of the Centre Kudrin: to reduce the number of pensioners and to tighten the conditions for calculating pensions
The content "Strategy-2035", which is the Center for strategic research (CSR) under the direction of Alexei Kudrin is preparing for President Vladimir Putin, said that the amount of pension provides only a minimal standard of survival, writes the newspaper"Vedomosti". To reduce the number of pensioners in Russia, Kudrin and his team propose that by raising the age of retirement.

It is proposed to provide an acceptable standard of living for pensioners and stop the decline in real pensions, which you need to raise the retirement age to 63 years for women and 65 years for men. Through this measure, the number of pensioners will decline by 9%, or by 3.87 million people and will be 38,52 million people.

In addition, it is proposed to tighten the conditions for receiving the pensions by increasing the required minimum working experience of 15 to 20 years. In CSR also think that a social pension is required to appoint only 68 years old (now she is paid to women aged 60 and men from 65).

The proposals are aimed not at increasing the size of pensions, and to prevent their reduction.

If you meet these conditions, experts of the CSR, it will be possible to raise the ratio of pension to the subsistence minimum to 1.85 by 2024 and to 2.33 - by 2035, the newspaper notes.

The fate of the CSR proposals will be determined by the President, he has not yet passed, told the newspaper the representative of the organization. Any proposals that affect many citizens must go through a public hearing, after will be made by the President or the government for discussion, he recalled.

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