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пятница, 11 августа 2017 г.

The everyday reality of post-Soviet Russia

The chamber: From the budget has flowed more than a trillion rubles

As soon as the Russian economy emerges from the peak, healing the injuries from oil's collapse and Western sanctions, from the budgets of all levels enhanced "leakage" of public funds.
In January-June 2017 the audit chamber revealed violations in the spending of taxpayers ' money by 1.13 trillion rubles. This is a third more than for all of last year, said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and the head JV Tatyana Golikova.
"If at the end of 2016, we had 965 billion and 3845 violations, for the first half of 2017 is already 2631 violations and 1.13 trillion rubles," - said Golikov.

Over half the expenditures of the Federal and regional budgets amounted, according to the Finance Ministry, to 12.2 trillion rubles. Thus, on the questionable terms of the JV transaction took almost every tenth ruble.
According to Golikova, new violations began to arise after the order of the accounts chamber of the information system of remote audit - it allows you to see transactions in real time, without leaving the place.
From a formal point of view, the majority of violations relate to the budget and accounting, said Golikova. Their sum - 629 billion. In fact, as a rule, "not reflection in the reporting of the facts of economic life", explained the head of the SP. We can talk about transactions with the state money without specifying the true goals.
Another 168 billion gone from the Treasury with direct violations of the law on the budget. In goszakupok revealed "leaks" to 18.5 billion rubles. 22 billion roubles have made dubious expenses when conducting Informatization of Federal agencies.
If in 2016, on each check of the accounting chamber accounted for an average of 15 revealed violations amounting to about 3.7 billion rubles for the first half of this year, each control measure identified an average of 18 violations of 6.9 billion rubles, Golikova said.

The chamber has identified the loss of billions from the program high-tech medical care to the population

Russian taxpayers ' money allocated for the development of medicine and the construction of hospitals, has been spent with infringements: the Ministry of health had submitted false statements about their costs, I forgot to Finance high-tech medical aid to the population and purchased the vaccine, which will have to be written off.
To such conclusion auditors of audit chamber to check the activities of the Ministry over the last year.
Of the 16 targets of the state program of development of health the Ministry of health has not complied with 9, including mortality, and providing hospital doctors, said the SP release published on Thursday.
To hospitals and affiliated institutions is not reached 1.6 billion rubles allocated for providing high-tech medical services. As a result, without medical care remained 5426 citizens, considered by the auditors.
More than 40% of the funds allocated for the purchase of immunobiological medicines, is 4.6 billion roubles - the Ministry of health spent on the vaccine "prevenar 13" which is used to prevent pnevmokokkovi infections.
In the Russian regions in the warehouses is already a stockpile of this drug for 1.5-2 years. The vaccine has a limited shelf life. Excess procurement "may lead to the cancellation of a costly drug," according to SP.
The "amount of drugs and medical devices, in reserve of the Ministry of health for liquidation of medical-sanitary consequences of emergency situations is much lower (some do exist) specified in the regulations on the reserve of medical resources for liquidation of medical-sanitary consequences of emergency situations (approved by the MoH order of August 26, 2013 № 598)", - stated in the auditors ' opinion.
In addition, the health Ministry underestimated the profits that were supposed to transfer to the budget from a number of subordinate organizations. In particular, FGUP "scientific research Institute of RRC "WTO" them. Of academician G. A. Ilizarov" the budget has not come 5.2 million rubles.
Following the results of check the audit chamber has decided to send the appeal to the Prosecutor General and the Investigative Committee.


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