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пятница, 1 мая 2015 г.

About the true causes of the crisis and false

 The reasons for the crisis in the Russian economy is not only external, but also internal, President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting of legislators in St. Petersburg on Monday.
As the president, the government has sought a leading fair way to take care of solving social problems, in particular the salaries, given that they have traditionally been quite low. "Still, it eventually led to a certain imbalance in the economy, which is that labor productivity have lagged behind the growth of salaries, which always leads to distortions," - said Putin.

He also said that the conduct of the floating exchange rate was reasonable response to the drop in energy prices. Putin explained that once hydrocarbon prices fell twice, it has led to failures in budget expenditures.
With good market prices for oil and gas has been difficult to reorient economic actors to do what is less profitable. "But when the situation changes, it pushes all the economic actors to ensure that invest in other sectors", - said the president.
According to him, the food embargo imposed by Russia in August last year, has a chance in the WTO to release the Russian market for domestic producers

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