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четверг, 14 мая 2015 г.

Governor with dividends

    Photo: Yekaterina Kuzmina / RBC Photo: Yekaterina Kuzmina / RBCRBC acquainted with the declaration of the head of the Tula region, Vladimir Gruzdev, one of the richest governors. The income of his family grew up and reached 1.6 billion rubles. by payments of dividends and interest on deposits.Wages and interestLast year, the income of the Tula governor Vladimir Gruzdev and his wife Olga grew by 702 million rubles. and amounted to 1.6 billion. These data are shown in the declaration Gruzdev and his family, that is held by RBC.
Gruzdev, formerly one of the founders of the network "The Seventh Continent", and now №68 in the list of the richest businessmen in Russia according to Forbes, has declared more than 1 billion rubles., Of which 712 thousand. Rub. (About 59 thousand. Rub. Per month) amounted to an annual salary of the governor. The recently adopted in the field of the law will reduce the salary Gruzdev 10% this year.

Income consists of three sources: wages, dividends from securities and interest on deposits, explained RBC representative Gruzdev.According to RBC, the press service of the regional government, a significant portion of earnings - over 250 million rubles. - It has traditionally been directed to charity: construction sites for street workout, installation of sports and play areas for children, the purchase of housing for large families, assistance to the poor region. Gubernatorial salary Vladimir Gruzdev Tula lists at the expense of the Orthodox Classical Gymnasium.The press service noted that in accordance with the legislation of the first time this year Gruzdev pay taxes at the place of residence - in the budget of the Tula region.Olga Gruzdev said income in the amount of 619.5 million rubles., 17-year-old son of the governor Leonid - 25 ths. Rub. The family owns four plots of land with total area of ​​29,545 square meters. m, five apartments (two in Tula) total area of ​​2689 square meters. m, and two residential buildings with a total area of ​​4949 square meters. m.In an interview with RBC in March last year Gruzdev said that he had never owned a foreign account, the wife they were, but they were closed.Most securedAs both a law-abiding officer Gruzdev has only domestic securities (from foreign law requires to get rid of) dividends on him he gets in rubles, believes Dmitry Kostalgin, Managing Partner Tax Advisor. In this part of the revenue growth could be only in the case of increase in the total dividend payments. But if it has foreign currency deposits, the significant growth of this part of income was driven devaluation of the ruble interest rates on foreign currency deposits in the last quarter of 2014 in terms of US Dollars have been almost doubled, says the expert. To judge from the amount of income tax payments to the regional budget Gruzdev is impossible without knowing the structure of income and that the terms on which deposits have been placed, said Kostalgin.With the transition to the post of governor in 2011 Gruzdev year tops the list of the wealthiest heads of regions. This year (according to the publication 31 of the Declaration of governors), he is also the leader closest to him in terms of income - Trans-Baikal Territory Governor Konstantin Ilkovsky. He and his wife earned 124 million rubles. Bringing up the rear is the family of the Kirov Governor Nikita Belykh from 2.3 million rubles.Gruzdev may retain the title of families with the largest income among all civil servants in the country. While they manage only a member of parliament of Mordovia, a former village teacher Sergei Siushev, reported income of $ 6.8 bln. Legislative Assembly of the Republic has not yet responded to the request for Forbes on the reliability of the above information about income.Gruzdev is one gosrukovoditeley, began his career in business. In 1993, dismissed from service in the RAF, he began working in the trade - director of several stores "Albee diplomat" Oleg Boyko. In 1994 he opened his first store "The Seventh Continent". In 2007 Gruzdev sold its stake in "The Seventh Continent" and went into politics.

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