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вторник, 5 мая 2015 г.

The struggle for the happiness of oligarchic gaining momentum

 Act million fine for extremism in the mediaNews Newsland: Act million fine for extremism in SMIPrezident Vladimir Putin signed a law toughening penalties for incitement to terrorism and extremism in the media, the official portal of legal information: Now for extremist statements face fines up to one million rubles, to order more , the sooner.The law was passed by the State Duma and the Federation Council approved in late April this year.The document introduces amendments to the Code of Administrative Offences, providing for higher fines "for mass distribution, production or storage for the purpose of mass dissemination of extremist materials." Act before the law the maximum fine was 100 thousand rubles. It has increased by an order. Double the minimum amount of interest - from 50 thousand to 100 thousand rubles.In addition, the prescribed administrative liability of legal persons - "an administrative fine of one hundred thousand to one million rubles with confiscation of the subject of an administrative offense."

Earlier, the co-author of the law "On mass media", the chairman of the Council on Human Rights Mikhail Fedotov, said that the introduction of an administrative fine for abuse of freedom of mass media of this kind - is "not excessive, and absolutely the right decision."The head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov said earlier that the bill is aimed not at the ideological extremists. He explained that "extremism is now using technology and marketing," removing, in particular, inhuman rollers and "irresponsible media can use this material on their pages on the Internet." According to him, increased penalties "will stop those who are not at the call of conscience, but because of fear of losing their income and receive a warning from Roskomnadzor will not use that content."Source: newsru.com
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Keep it up !!!I would like to say thank you, deputies of the State Duma. The founding fathers of the commanders, did not forget about the simple people. Take care of ordinary citizens, for our safety. I especially want to thank the deputies of the "United Russia", who tirelessly fight against extremism, finding it everywhere. Be vigilant citizen hint alert our members. Do not give in to the calls of various extremists, just thinking about how to bring a simple layman balance and draw him into evil. The Devils, in a word.
A great relief and joy for me was the message that the deputies decided to further tighten the famous law on extremism. It's about time !!! If two years ago, was adopted by the law, now there would be such a deficit of the Pension Fund, as all pensioners, opposed the monetization of benefits, and now would be sitting in prison Balanda, and some have already given ends. Whatever the economy was state!And the sentences, your suggestion is very good. Out on the street with a placard - received 12 years of strict regime. Sit down and think about their actions. Time enough. Respect the power you need. Sam try to reach the summit of power, then you will understand how much it costs nerves, humiliation, sleepless nights, vodka and forced intercourse. And it used to, you know. Do not give a salary and they immediately go on strike. The new Housing Code take so much time and energy spent on its development, and the people in the street coming down, it requires him to cancel. But you can not so! That way no law is passed, if the deputies will consult with the people.If pensions for bread and medicines are not enough, then it does not mean that you should run to the town square and respected chiefs talk about all what you think. Well, a little mistake ministers. There missed something. Do not sent money there. It happens to everyone. This is not the base call them all sorts of bad words. Especially since there are constant meetings for all will not follow, and in a day of 24 hours.
And there is nothing to organize riots, as stated in the law, for political and ideological reasons. Look, want to look smart! If the wife or mother-in-law changes bad soup cooks, some speakers. Please! How much do you want the speakers. We live in a free country. But why show his dissatisfaction with the actions of the oligarchs, bad officials, robbers in police uniforms, bribes of judges and prosecutors? Why stir up hatred against these social groups? Well, do not you love them! Well, they are robbing you of everyone-through rates through various monopolies and Monopolka. Well, they make a fool of you in the media, so what? They are not villains, as it might seem at first glance. Remember how even taught Saltykov-Shchedrin, in their tales, telling about the bear on the region: "It is, in fact, was not angry, but just a beast." Wise was the person, do not say anything.Patience, patience and more time as the church teaches. The power is given by God, but not anyhow. You beat, and you are silent, and not a word, nor a floor speech. Showing the highest spirituality and endurance. Jesus Christ as a thrashed out, but he said nothing and only briefly answered the questions clearly.
Bole so that your exposure repaid in full. Once you protest or rebel, and so once you get under the article 280 "Public calls for extremist activity and public justification of such activities" and zagremit, under the new law, to prison for 6 years. And you need it?Shout, then try to attract the attention of outsiders, then, I urge citizens to stand up for you, that is manifest extremism. Otmolchites But, you see, and go home if you have it available. Just do not blame the rapists and then seek protection. Keep silent, as in accordance with the new interpretation of the concept - extremism, this can be regarded as extremist calls, and you can be convicted under the law.Remember that extremism is now considered public slander against officials, infringement on life of a statesman or public figure, the creation and dissemination of extremist materials, propaganda and public demonstration of Nazi attributes and related attributes with this character.Remember this always. And if you're going somewhere in a public place, then ask your wife to explore whether there is any hint of your appearance, to Nazi paraphernalia or similar, with the attributes of the symbols. Then do not prove that the shirt or tie you bought at the store, not the stitched. And in any case, do not hold hands crosswise and do not carry a newspaper. Any paper contains evaluation findings, conclusions, ideas, suggestions, and all this could be interpreted, if desired, as extremism. One has only to approach, here you are, and distributor of extremist materials. So read a newspaper at home and in its urn. The most correct approach. Well, better not read. Who knows what it will write all there scribblers.Can you imagine how the city would be cleaner and quieter! People will sit in their huts, and drink the bitter, staring at the television, officials behind high fences of their large estates - counting profits and oligarchs - have a good time in foreign resorts. And there are no harmful or extremist thinking there will not be, not what actions.
And not only in the city but in the whole country! What a grace to come !!! And all thanks to the actions of the State Duma, is always thinking of his people
All you do is right, ladies and gentlemen MPs. Just do not be in all sorts of rubbish to add vodka. Why spoil a product? Again people are dying. I too like to drink, although the measure and know, but perhaps it will drink.Igor Bragin 02.03.2007 Mr.

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