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вторник, 5 мая 2015 г.

Drug trafficking - one of the main mechanisms of Russian expansion

In Moscow have detained a dozen Tajik heroin traffickers04.05.2015, 09:41 | «BBC»Moscow law enforcers have interrupted the functioning of the supply chain of heroin from Central Asia and arrested 12 drug traffickers, reports "Interfax"."Employees UFSKN Moscow liquidated supply chain and distribution of heroin: in the past two weeks arrested 12 citizens of Tajikistan, who have seized about 25 kilograms of Afghan heroin various concentrations. The cost of the seized drugs at black market prices of more than 25 million rubles. ", - Reported the press service of UFSKN.

Drugs seized from caravans, cars and leased warehouse. Merchants packaged heroin and distributed it in the area Lianozovo by bookmarks.Drug trafficking - one of the main mechanisms for the expansion of Russian countries of Western civilizationOn the territory of the fund Yekaterinburg City Without Drugs. Its head, Yevgeny Roizman, September 8, was elected mayor of the capital of the Urals. His assessment of the situation of the fund and the fight against drugs in the Urals region of Sverdlovsk Branch provides the President of All-Russian Police Association Vladimir Koltsov- Drugs - a mechanism of intoxication and degradation of the people Vladimir, tell us about the drug situation prevailing in Russia.
-Narkotiki - A mechanism of intoxication and degradation of the people. Of particular surge in supply and consumption of drugs in Russia took place at the beginning of perestroika in the 90s. During this period the leadership of the country under the leadership of Western experts destroyed the foundations of industrial economy of the state. To impose on us the economic form of the bourgeois state, arranged on the evils of the individual, could not ensure the harmonious development of society and civilization.Along with the destruction of the economy, the West has thrown into our territory tons of drugs. Liberal legislation and corrupt system could not stop the avalanche. Major cities choking in this stream. The same fate befell the Urals. Organized supply of drugs from Afghanistan through Central Asian republics sent to the West. Most of them settled in Yekaterinburg. Under the guise of foreign workers to our territory we rushed drug dealers. To simplify propagation mechanism and the "protection" of these activities, the law enforcement authorities introduced people from neighboring countries. They settled down in the minor positions, corrupt environment and superiors, and in a short time held senior positions by promoting tribesmen. Of particular surge in supply and consumption of drugs in Russia took place at the beginning of perestroika in the 90's state machine and law enforcement authorities were not prepared to protect the public.Medicine was powerless, expensive medicines and the lack of an integrated treatment system did not allow to achieve positive results. Healthy society began to die out. Hundreds of people almost openly used drugs. Especially strongly subjected to this evil younger generation. The city went to the children deprived of reason, eyes wide open and syringe in his pocket. The population has lost all hope of a happy future. The creation of the Fund "City Without Drugs" although fragmented law enforcement officials, but has given hope to the people affected by this "plague".
Drug trafficking - one of the main mechanisms for the expansion of Russian countries of Western civilization
- How Fund has been able to resist this evil?
- At the first stage one of the leaders of the police department of the Sverdlovsk region, in cooperation with the Foundation, three officers were sent to various interested departments of the central board. This corresponded to an extreme situation, the created and the federal law regulating the activities of the Interior Ministry.
This scheme allows to provide the most appropriate and effective mechanism in the region to combat the universal evil, in the absence of federal programs. After several meetings in the Fund have been prepared the interaction between all stakeholders, taking into account existing legislation.
However, the newly appointed chief of the police department of the Sverdlovsk region without explanation were instructed to cease cooperation with the Fund. This caused confusion and questions from honorable officers. Many of them are in "disgrace" to the leadership of the police department, some of them were dismissed, others unreasonably delayed the title and appointment to higher positions. For 13 years, decent officers and staff continue to work with the Fund from time to time to give shouts and provocations from the leadership both in terms of the Fund and in respect of the police officers who were working with him. Well, that federal laws have been on the side of honest officers.
West continued to lobby for their interests in our territory through the "compromise" of heads of state and municipal employees. Wanting to give his actions legitimacy and enlist the support of specialized police services of the region, at the working meeting of heads, with the permission of management, the delegation was invited foreign experts from Western Europe. One of the leaders of the Prize of the Soros Foundation, was presented promedonovaya program with the free distribution of syringes and tablets promedona under the guise of preventing drug addiction and AIDS and rejection of heroin. Fortunately for us the meeting was invited narcologist, who explained that in practice there is a possibility of recovery from heroin addiction, but from promedona even a single application acquired wholly dependent. Resentment officers process of manipulation of consciousness forced to quickly retreat leader and foreign "benefactors." The response to this event was received very soon, when FSB officers together with the Fund was detained head of the territorial department for the fight against drugs, police Major Nazir Salimov. He was convicted by a court for the "protection" of traffickers. The most amazing thing is that information about his criminal activities passed police area managers, but should timely action is not taken the agency. Sadly, some of these chiefs have generated their own kind in an arithmetic progression. Someone continues to work in the system and control the police, received the rank of general. The ongoing reorganization is not in a hurry to determine the psychologically negative arranged personalities, there are no mechanisms. The system replaces the decent and honest officers of law-enforcement bodies to the formal and far-fetched reasons, forming a dense monolith of collective responsibility. The certification commissions often sit grown vicious system of Officers, or complaisant public figures chosen from among retired or people who have an understanding of the distant service of the Interior Ministry, which some leaders skillfully manipulated.
To confirm the systematic human errors can cite as an example the situation in 2010 when the head of the city traffic police department, bought by individual leaders, was detained by FSB operatives, UFSKN and CSS for the carriage of drugs weighing more than 100 kg of the neighboring republic.
The investigation of this case has been identified lifestyle of a police officer: beyond their means. And his behavior indicates that innovative approach to service. Today, according to media reports, there are a number of police officers, civil servants, who have the condition, sometimes exceeding the total allowance for a hundred years with an increased salary of civil servant positions.
The merit of the Fund is that in the process of healthy competition between the departments concerned drug trafficking coming to Western Europe, moved to another territory. There, where there is no resistance to its expansion.
The merit of the Foundation in Yekaterinburg was the fact that people will be able to see at least some sort of way, including joint efforts to fight this common scourge, feel and see useful results. During this period, there were hundreds of people who got rid of the addiction, thousands of people who feel the support and care. The result was a vote in the elections September 8, 2013 President of the Foundation "City Without Drugs" Yevgeny Roizman, whose residents elected mayor.I can definitely relate to activity. Its President, I have a lot of questions and comments. But this work was carried out during the period of expansion of drug trafficking, and is fully covered by Article of the Criminal Code on the "necessity defense" and "absolutely necessary." In this case, the question to the officials carrying out assessment of the events one-sidedly, on formal grounds, without taking into account all the circumstances and motives. Sam begs the question: "Who do you work?"
If officials do not want to protect the people, then himself, driven nenomenklaturnymi leaders, will rise to defend the homeland from the onslaught of enemies. It showed and the work of the Foundation, and the events in the village of Sagra.
At the end of a partial analysis of the situation of the Fund and the fight against drugs in the region, I would like to bring to today's date to quote my esteemed person.
"People with no national identity - has manure, which grow on other nations."

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