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пятница, 1 мая 2015 г.

Who posed by corruption?

 The damage from corruption in Russia in the past year rose by half
The damage from corruption-related crimes in Russia last year amounted to nearly 40 billion rubles, which is 50% more than the previous year, the report said the Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika, issued in the Federation Council.According to "Interfax" referring to the text of the report, in 2014 in Russia for crimes of corruption to the criminal liability attracted about 1,600 officials at the federal and regional levels.
"In the past year for corruption crimes were prosecuted more than 490 officials of the executive branch of the federal level and nearly 1,100 - the executive authorities of the Russian Federation", - the report says.

At the same time there is an increase of work efficiency to compensate for the damage caused. In particular, repaid damage amounting to 2.4 billion rubles. Measures have been taken to ensure the recovery of more than 23.4 billion rubles. Including seized property in the amount of more than 4.5 billion rubles. Seize $ 18.8 billion.Most corruption offenses committed in the implementation of state and regional programs, tendering and supervision and auditing, and law enforcement. In addition, in connection with a food embargo imposed by Russia in 2014, revealed the facts of corruption among the officials of the Federal Customs Service and Rospotrebnadzor.At the end of speech the Prosecutor General senators are planning to adopt a resolution proposing specific legislative measures in the field of law and order  

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