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пятница, 1 мая 2015 г.

The problem of which prefer to remain silent and the rulers and the "ucheny"

  The problem of which prefer to remain silent and the rulers and the "ucheny" why in the discount rate from 0.25% 0do US inflation below 2%, while in Russia 17% of inflation at a rate of 12, 5%?The Fed continues to keep rates at zeroThe new leadership meeting of the Federal Reserve's monetary policy has not brought clues about the date of possible increase in interest rates in the future.
At the end of the two-day meeting of the Federal Committee on Monetary Policy (Federal open market committee, FOMC) it was announced the expected decision to keep interest rates in the range of 0-0.25%. In the published text of the accompanying statement noted:"Information received since the Committee meeting in March, talking about the economic slowdown in the winter months, partly reflecting the impact of temporary factors. The rate of employment growth has slowed, the unemployment rate remained at the same level. The growth of consumption by households declined. This is also observed reducing capital expenditures by companies.

The Committee believes that the level of interest rates in the 0-0.25% continues to comply with the current economic situation. On the question of how long the rate will remain at this level, the Committee will continue to assess progress - both realized and expected - to the achievement of maximum employment and inflation target of 2%. "
The new Fed statement both cheered and puzzled investors. On the one hand, the text of the statement FOMC disappeared any time binding on the expected timing of monetary policy tightening in the future.
At the same official said that the slowdown in the US economy at the beginning of the year due to "temporary factors" that speaks about their expectations of accelerating the pace of US GDP growth in the coming quarters.Expert opinion of the Civil TeleTrade"The fundamental point in the declaration is that a marked slowdown in the US economic recovery in recent years, the leaders of the American regulator is associated with temporary factors, which have not led to a change in the positive trends in general. Consequently, the probability of a rate hike this year is maintained, although the change monetary policy in the next meeting, of course, greatly reduced. Thus, the emphasis is more tolerated in September or December of this year.
In general, it is worth noting that the strategic evaluation in the April statement, the Fed remained unchanged. The final document states that the regulator will raise rates when its leaders confidently convinced that inflation returns to the target level of 2%, and the situation on the labor market will continue to improve. Also important is the notion that the risks to the economic outlook are balanced, and slowing the pace of recovery in the first quarter is not critical. "
Source: vestifinance.ru
The Bank of Russia has lowered its key interest rate from 14 to 12.5%The Bank of Russia has lowered its key interest rate from 14 to 12.5% ​​estimated regulator, currently there are signs of stabilization in annual inflationThe Bank of Russia has lowered its key interest rate from 14 to 12.5%, the regulator said in a statement. According to the regulator, for the moment there have been signs of stabilization in the annual inflation rate.The Central Bank will continue to decline in the key rate when braking inflation, annual inflation in Russia will drop to less than 8% by April 2016, the central bank predicts.  

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