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среда, 27 мая 2015 г.

Faithful servant of the oligarchy

Medvedev: ready to work for as long as I can
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev declared readiness to current members of the Cabinet of Ministers to work for another three years. One of the most complex in the Government Prime Minister called in 2014."The current composition of the government is ready to work. Moreover, I want to say that after all of these years, the government has developed as a team, as a group of people who try to reach very important goals for our country, "- he said in an interview with the program" Vesti on Saturday ", published on the website of VGTRK, responding to a question about the intentions to continue to work the rest of the planned resignation of the government for three years in his place, according to RIA "Novosti".

The most important goal, he said, is to "make sure that our people live normally, humanly," "the way people live today in developed countries."Medvedev said that the government does not arise by itself, as a result of the president's decision."The prime minister is only offering the government to the president. Until President trusts the job the government, the government is working. So all over the world. It seems to me absolutely normal, "- said the prime minister.During the work of the government of Prime he emphasized good demographics in the country. Medvedev stressed that over the past year, Russia's population has increased by 33 thousand people. "This, I believe, a very good result, because in it like a drop of water reflects all our work," - said the prime minister."The number of events that have happened in these three years is enormous, especially if we bear in mind the events of the past year. This is a significant period in the government, under the Constitution is half the powers of life, which is reserved for the executive. That is why, in general, I think that it was such a complicated, very interesting, very busy period in government in the activities of the whole government team, and myself included, "- said Medvedev.The Prime Minister also praised the activities of the government in the development of kindergartens. "We will close the problem of kindergarten, I hope, almost all over the country this year. And then the demographic program will build on the already material basis, "- said Medvedev.Speaking for myself personally, Medvedev announced his intention to run for as long as this will have on power."Because all people, in my opinion, in any case, it is my position, active living, have a good mood and well-being as long as the works. Someone might be other targets, "- said Medvedev, responding to a question whether he intended to work after 60. At the same time the prime minister does not see anything wrong in that, if someone wants to retire."That someone wants to finish everything and relax. Nothing in this, too, is not reprehensible. But my position lies in the fact that as long as the body allows, to work, to benefit his family, his team, his country. I am willing to work as long as I can, "- said Medvedev.Source: vz.ru  

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