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четверг, 14 мая 2015 г.

Oh, do not deceive me hard, I delude myself happy!

 Sabotage May decrees Putin considered successfulNews Newsland: Sabotage May decrees Putin considered successful "performance" by the Government of the May decrees Putin would be better to call a mockery of them, the expert believes.Russian proverbs to the political realities of our fatherland are not always applicable.I remember that in May 2012, other wits predicted: perhaps by 2015 the sensational and challenging Putin's decree and will be executed by the Government. The promised three-year wait is.

Three years have passed under the control of the Cabinet Dmitry Medvedev is far from despondency. Still - the then disposition Vladimir appeared satisfied as much as 81.5 per cent! Well, that is to say that its obligations under this part of the government is almost fulfilled.What Dmitry Anatolyevich to Vladimir Vladimirovich and reported. Without a second thought, without fear and unrest. The long-term associate of the head of state could not risk at this moment?Some observers suggest that Putin gave a dressing down to the Government. But Deputy Prime Minister for "social" Olga Golodets has hastened to deny these rumors. And the transcript of the meeting leaves no doubt: "dressing" - is something else, and not what can be described the meeting with a report on the Shortfall "May decrees." The president seems quite sincerely trying to understand the motivation enough frisky work in general, are not stupid people.And as, in his own same recognition optimist, President, apparently, chases away any bad ideas. Which, of course, to no avail.Putin - not Jankovic, but, alas, it is not a reason for tranquility, not a panacea for Moscow "maidan". Its scope from time to time, "probed", the boiler boils, but there is a couple where to go. And what happens when the topic of the anniversary of the Victory will come naturally from the agenda? But if the conflict in Ukraine will go into sluggish phase?Needless to stubbornly avoid these unpleasant questions?In an interview with columnist KM.RU economist and political scientist, director general of the Institute of Globalization Problems Mikhail Delyagin, he gave his assessment of the quality of performance package Putin's decree of 2012:- First of all, I would not call the execution of the decrees of May Vladimir Putin that in reality is a blatant mockery and sabotage them.Let me remind you that the Decree provides, among other things, an increase in salaries to social workers - teachers and doctors. And quite a significant increase. But in the same year when the unused balances of the federal budget increased by one and a half trillion rubles Medvedev government could not find a single trillion this index, as has reported with great pride.The president himself greatly "over the soul" did not stand and for some strange reason, I personally fully trusted "professionals." And only when these leaders understand that Putin about his edicts still not forgotten and, moreover, is going to insist on their performance, they began to fuss and somehow something to perform.But it could be called it a mockery, when the center of the regional authorities to increase public sector wages demanded, but that's only required for that money is not allocated. Like, look where you want.As a result of the regional budgets climbed into debt, which turned out to have nothing to return, as a loan did not go to the productive needs that can bring profit, and social benefits.In other regions proved to increase public sector wages it is associated with a decrease in their numbers. I would not call the execution of the May presidential decrees situation where access to health care begins by reminding his scantiness access to justice.- How, then, can rationally explain the fact that Vladimir Putin has suffered, is suffering, and apparently intends to continue to tolerate this frank sabotage?- I think that Vladimir Putin all the time was busy with things that truly considered much more important. Obviously, he did not see some kind of systemic manifestations in overt sabotage on the part of the Government. Perhaps the thought that they have there is just something does not work and that the cause is some external adverse factors.And now the attention of Vladimir Putin mostly accented on the situation in the Donbass, Ukraine, on foreign policy, and his entourage, apparently not aware that worsening socio-economic crisis in Russia caused not by external sanctions and cheap oil, and the presence of liberals in the Government and the Bank of Russia.And most importantly, they, unfortunately, do not want to understand that this situation is fraught with Russia's slide in the Ukrainian scenario, if not much more worse ...Victor Martynyuk 

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