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среда, 27 мая 2015 г.

The robbery of the people grows

 Every fifth Russian citizen is no longer enough salary
The rapid rise in prices and the deterioration in the labor market led to the fact that almost a fifth of Russians (18%) of income is now only enough to pay for food and other vital needs. The report of the company Nielsen is called anti-record - even in the crisis year of 2009 the total absence of free money claimed only 4-7% of Russians, according to RBC.As a result, Nielsen Consumer Confidence Index in the first quarter 2015 fell to 72 points, which is the lowest value in the history of its calculation. For comparison, in the first quarter of 2009. The index stood at 75 points.

"Fairly spent at the end of 2014, the Russians are faced with a significant rise in prices for essential goods at the beginning of the year, so the drop in real income experienced particularly acute. Today, the consumer confidence at historic lows: caution, care, increased demands on the quality of the goods and its price - that's what characterizes today's Russian consumers "- Explained the commercial director of Nielsen in Russia Ilona Lepp.Since the beginning of 2015 the decline in real incomes of Russians every month accelerated in January 2015, they fell at an annualized rate of 0.8%, and February - by 1.6% in March - by 1.8%. Overall, the first quarter of 2015 the real incomes of the population of Russia decreased by 1.4%, while for the whole 2014 - by 0.8%."Switching to the economy compared to 2009, at first glance, it does not seem so harsh. Nevertheless, in the case of the 2009 played the role of the high base effect - major savings "on" on the background of the previous extremely prosperous zero. The mood of Russian consumers has never returned to pre-crisis levels comparable to, so today's exchange rate on the economy definitely not softer, and perhaps even worse than in 2009 ".
Source: rufabula.com

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