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пятница, 19 февраля 2016 г.

As the "United Russia" increases citizens' well-being

February 4, 2016Food prices in the world reached a seven-year lowFAO Food Price Index (Food and Agriculture Organization) fell in January to a record low for the past seven years. Reported Rambler News Service referring to the organization's data.In January 2016 the food price index was 150.4 points, which is 16 per cent below the level recorded a year ago, and the lowest level since April 2009.Compared to December 2015, a decrease of 1.9 percent. Prices fell for all types of goods included in the index, fell all significant sugar (4.1 per cent in December).

This is the first decline after four months of growth, which was due to the improved outlook for the harvest in Brazil (the world's leading producer and exporter of sugar). Prices of dairy products fell by 3 per cent against the background of the large stocks in the EU and New Zealand and a sluggish world import demand.the cost of the grain index was minus 1.7 per cent thanks to the abundant world stocks and increased competition for export markets. The meat has fallen in price by 1.1 percent. The only kind of meat, whose price remained stable, is pork.FAO also noted that the conditions in Russia for the 2016 crop are generally favorable, and it raised its forecast for wheat production in the country.In Russia! Russia's price growth rate in 2015 was the highest in 7 yearsIn 2015, the rate of price growth in Russia was the highest over the last 7 years. On this "Vedomosti", with reference to the data of Rosstat.The publication notes that the end of last year compared to 2008 doubled the prices - and 25% of the doubling came in the years 2014 and 2015.Almost all of 2015, with the exception of December, the annual price index (month compared with the same month of the previous year) has never fallen below 15%. As a result, the average for January - December 2015 inflation was twice as high as in the year 2014 average: 15.5% vs. 7.8%.Last year the most rapidly rose in price of food: 20.8% on average per year. However, by December, the growth rate slowed to 14.3%.At the same time the growth rate of fruit and vegetable prices on average for January - December accelerated by 3.4 times compared with 2014 - up almost 30%. At 29% on average for January - December rose fish and seafood, by almost 42% - cereal, almost 40% - sugar, 31% - sunflower oil. The slowest in this category rose in price alcohol - 12% per year on average, non-alcoholic beverages rose in price twice as fast - at 25%. By year end, sales prices of almost all food categories slowed down compared to the annual average, t. E. The inflationary surge beginning of the year went on the decline, the newspaper notes.Consumer electronics has risen by an average of 26% per year; medicines - 23%; Services Leisure and recreation - by almost 20% (in this case foreign tourism - nearly 37%).Services maintenance of residential buildings, including a new fee for the repair, grew by 22,5-22,9% vs. 10.3% for the 2014 average.The slowest more expensive services (by 2.5% on average per year) and physical culture and sport (5%).It is also slower than before, petrol rose in price: 6% on average in 2015, 4.8% in December to December 2014 against 7.6% and 8.9% in the same periods in 2014. 

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