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New privatization: a global adventure of corruption
New privatization: a global adventure of corruptionOfficial media, as well as protocol activities chroniclers chapter President Putin's State and Government definitely let you see that is preparing a new wave of privatization in the country - the second wave. What for? Why? What it is?FIRST WAVE OF PRIVATIZATION - ColonizationLet us turn to our memories about the first wave of privatization. Remember her? There was a lot of national ownership and national means of production. "National" in the sense of belonging and being in our country's jurisdiction. That is what made the means of production, it was our Russian and consumed by the people of Russia.

There is such thing as a "foreign trade" and "trade balance". Across the border of the country to the outside and inside constantly go natural products (exports and imports) and money. Oh very happy our liberal cosmopolitans that the trade balance have been positive. I will explain why.The country received a lot of currency by this model. But what happened next? This currency is frozen in the so-called stabilization fund (I would have called the fund the castration Russia). As well as the money derived abroad, totaling more than a trillion dollars. That is, of Russia, in spite of the positive trade balance, still O resources. And the ratio of export to import up to 3: 1. From Russia pulls out of the body 3 times more than in the form of import and revenues was introduced. According to the experience of Buchenwald we know what happens with the body. He is dying. This condition is a cash cow, a prisoner of the concentration camp, dying body. Today, the Russian organism dies, because exports are still more imports. Capital is still out of the country.As the first wave of privatization was organized? Ownership and generating fixed assets that are in the jurisdiction of the country, passed through a check chubaysovu privatization. It was controlled from CIA advisers. And it is a fact. I so testify. At the entrance of the plant for a bottle and going to outbid vouchers. Who outbid? Who has the money? The population of accumulation in the savings bank Sberbank burned. The country had no money. Demonetization was wild. The term "cash" was such. E. The actual money. They are not even enough for prostogooborota. Barter, offset, nature, surrogate currency -.. All in the exchange, that is, to the monetarists wiped ruble. Until now it is only 40% of GDP, which is unprecedented in the world. In China 180%.I happened to visit during those years abroad, where we (then the Soviet people to the brink of all subsequent Katabasia) in a provincial hotel rubles demanded: "Sell rubles!". They accumulate large amounts of money, including currency, for which the West with the help of dummy figures in Russia outbid Russian fixed assets. Oboronoznachimye and strategically significant funds then just destroyed. Reorientate the economy, its branch structure deformed from an advanced, knowledge-based, technology, innovation and oboronoznachimoy a raw, archaic, third-and uncompetitive. By the elementary market for western economies. All this was done in those days. Today, the result is visible. To 99% in the individual groups imports. For all this, and the first wave of privatization was organized.As a result, more than 50% (and even 75-90%) owned Russian fixed assets was not in the hands of the state. The share of state ownership, where Russia has its jurisdiction, is a maximum of 10%. The rest is in private hands. And most of it is concentrated in the hands of non-Russian. What is it like not selling out the country? Just imagine if all this property has worked on the national interests of our people and our national security?But it is clear also that nationals of other states pursue national interests of their states, not Russia, which we observe. Russia - in isolation. Russia - an outcast. Russia issued a "black mark". Russian sentenced to geopolitical disposal. That's the plan, the price and the consequences of the first wave of privatization. The positive idea by the formula "private property is always more effective than the state" failed completely. National efficiency of the economy as a whole has decreased.BUT THERE ARE OPTIMUMThere are very important indicators of a large social system (which is the country), describing her optimal health, harmony and organically. There is an indicator such as the proportion of state ownership in the structure of ownership of the whole country. Clearly, if this proportion is zero, then there is no state. If the share of state ownership in the Soviet Union, representing 100% - it's too bad, because there is no self-employment, entrepreneurship and initiative, that is powerful motive for economic progress. So, the best indicator is somewhere in the middle.At what level should settle this optimum? What is the optimal state ownership for our specific, a large country with weak infrastructure, climate costs, the special mentality of the production, distribution and consumption? What percentage of state ownership is optimal? Our liberal cosmopolitans say that we should still be privatized and all means to reduce the share of state property to zero. E. To zero actually Russia itself. And according to calculations, cross-country Comparative and historical data, shows that in Russia, as in many Western European countries, the optimal share of state property in the total amount of property should be 55-60%. Then the country will be more prosperous. For today we have - 10%. And these Gopnik says, "Let us continue to privatize! Give us a second wave of privatization! ". What is it, if not sabotage against our country? Removal from the optimum profile of the country to the profile of a loser?NO BUDGET OF soap bubblesThat is also very important. Why all of a sudden just now announced a large-scale privatization? Why it is necessary to privatize the remaining delicious and very important in terms of the revenue base of the country's budget Rosneft, Alrosa (key liquid natural wealth of our country), the Savings Bank, which stores the accumulation of the whole country? Let me remind you that in 1991, the accumulation of Gaidar burned. Now, if privatized, and then went bankrupt Savings Bank, there will be the same - all the savings of the population will be burned. Why are they allowed to do this? Because they piled up the country's economy and somehow want to improve things? But the rake-that is, the public -.. The same.The budget deficit by tens of percent. If we take GDP at purchasing power parity, the Putin economy collapsed by 40%. Russia's economy is now just a little bit not quite live up to the collapse of the Yeltsin in the mid-1990s. This dysfunctional system. Devalue the ruble, they plug holes at the expense of the people. But some values ​​under this no! Real wealth is not! Instead, the budget of the country bubbles. But like all good budget deficit hid, the President rated high. But this is a deception. Real benefits can be obtained only when people work. Russia - work? - Do not make me laugh! From today people will tear up new taxes. Already start. They have no way out. They can not do anything. They are not able to build and build. They can only cut the budget, impose new levies on the people, and to sell the latter.Simple children's question: "You are the last sell out (Rosneft, Alrosa, the Savings Bank, etc.), and what you will do and sell the next crisis? How are you going to make up the deficit, if you have not managed to create a mechanism in the economy, even a simple (I'm not talking about the extended) reproduction? ". The answer is quite clear. In front of these people collapse.GLOBAL corruption ADVENTUREAnd the last. In times of crisis and recession market quotations sell significant liquid assets. By selling cheaply. budget revenue will be minimal. Why sell at a minimum? Another question: "Who will buy? Those who have money right now? Who has a hairy paw to buy sold at auction? ". They are adapted to provide its sonnies Plato, that the Agricultural, then something else ... Who will buy? Answer: insider and corrupt. Linked to a non-resident.We are faced with the prospect of a global adventure of corruption which the country simply deadly. This is a crime against the country and the majority of the population, that is, against the people. Prepare this adventure power. Prepares its President Putin.Do the findings themselves, which way you need to change the rating, and how to treat it around ...Source: rusrand.ru  

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