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пятница, 19 февраля 2016 г.

The real reasons of high inflation

If you increase the money supply by limiting speculation, then there is no danger
2016.02.12, Russian spring,Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at the congress of "United Russia" February 6-7, opposed the inclusion of the printing press in order to increase budget expenditures."The times of high oil rents passed - the head of government. - There will be calls to include the printing press, but hardly someone from opponents of "United Russia" is recognized, but in this case will cost the bread in the store and how quickly can depreciate payments and benefits, savings and wages. They all eat inflation. "Does Russia need a strong national currency?Such a scenario would be more optimal for the Russian economy?Mikhail Delyagin, director of the "Institute of Globalization Problems":

The government can, and will not include the printing press, because it simply does not have such a possibility, but the Russian bank printing press included, ie the accelerated growth of the money supply, and, as in all previous times, no inflationary effects to no avail.Clarify that the money supply increased by 11.4% in 2015. If you increase the money supply in the conditions of severe hunger money, the money is primarily absorbed by the real sector, and if there is no panic in the society, they do not reach the foreign exchange market - what we saw last year.The increase in the money supply can really lead to a weakening of the ruble, if the state in the first place Bank of Russia does not fulfill its obligations under the regulation of the economy. If the money supply increased, while limiting speculation on that bank of Russia has all the rights, then such a danger does not even arise.It is necessary to structure the economy so that the money given to the construction of the plant, do not fall in the currency market. It made all the developed countries of the world, at the level of the financial system, which corresponds to our level.In the US, these restrictions were introduced by Roosevelt in 1932 and canceled already in 1999, Clinton. In Japan, they have been canceled in the year 2000. In China they are today. If insufficient development of the financial system, as we do, limiting speculation is absolutely mandatory. When Russian liberals ignore this, they are, in fact, engaged in economic sabotage, destruction of the country.After that, you can carry out targeted funding of the real sector at low interest rates. Until it does fund a large scale can not be, because all the money is not prokontroliruesh, they will be in the currency market, and flood the ruble, as we have seen in 90 years.

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