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пятница, 19 февраля 2016 г.

At the service of the monopolies

Tablet penny gainedFAS proposes to increase the regulated price of the cheapest drugs02/18/2016The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) proposes to increase the price of cheap medicines: as the letter agencies in the government, it is proposed to conduct a one-time indexing of regulated prices of all products from the list of VED cost up to 50 rub.- 5 rubles. for each list. Without that Russian producers will remove the cheapest drug production - as pointed out by the agency, now domestic companies have ceased to produce 197 kinds of medicines in this segment.In the near future the Russian market may take about 300 products of domestic production, the FAS to the letter addressed to the government in November 2015 (there are at the disposal of "b"). Their release in the current situation, in spite of their low cost, proved unprofitable.

As follows from the text of the FAS letters, the need to support domestic producers of cheap medicines was discussed in the government back in 2014. In late 2014 the Ministry of Health, the Federal Antimonopoly Service, Ministry of Industry, the Federal Tariff Service, the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Finance has developed a draft government resolution, involving a single indexing of prices for drugs from lower-price segment of vital and essential drugs (VED) by 30%. In March 2015 it was submitted to the government, but was not approved because of "unreasonably large increase in size." At the same time the Ministry of Industry and the majority of Russian producers were in favor of indexing 80% or total abolition of price regulation in this sector. In the autumn of 2015 the agency conducted an analysis of the Russian pharmaceutical market and found that these drugs are gradually disappearing from the market.Based on these survey results and Roszdravnadzor 31 Russian drug companies FAS found that 197 drugs from the list of VED cost 50 rubles. already removed from production, 160 drugs cease to produce in the near future.
"The main reason for cessation of production is low profitability or unprofitability of production because of the increased costs of raw materials", - explained the authors of the letter. At the same time, as pointed out by the agency, most of these products is unique fixed price - a drug with similar characteristics can cost more than four times. Of the three ways out of the situation (see. "Online") is considered the best in the FAS-time increase in regulated prices cheap (50 rubles.) In the list of drugs VED 5 rubles.In the near future its proposals to support domestic drug manufacturers should make public and Ministry of Industry - appropriate instruction last week gave the Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets. As explained by "Kommersant" a source in the government sotsbloke, the agency has proposed to grant subsidies to those Russian companies that produce unprofitable drugs from the list of VED. As reported by "Kommersant" in the FAS if the government wants to consider such an option, the Ministry of Industry will have to provide a "clear relationship between the provided subsidies and maintain production of low-profit and unprofitable products", otherwise the company will be able to and receive budgetary funds, and continue to reduce output.
Ministry of Health, for its part, considers it preferable option subsidies - the head of department Veronika Skvortsova said yesterday that in order to keep the range of representation and cheap products for the production, which is hard now, some assistance to these enterprises must provide the Ministry of Industry. "It is impossible today to raise prices and index prices for the lower cost segment, taking into account the fact that there was not yet the final indexation of pensions in the elderly", - said the Minister.Neither of those options to be discussed in the government, is not the best - the proposed price indexation is considered by experts as insufficient, and if the Ministry of Industry will issue companies subsidies (which provokes corruption), he will have to do it all the time - in unprofitable production no one will invest. "The only way to stimulate the production of cheap products - stop to adjust their prices", - says Sergey Shuljak of DSM Group.Anastasia Manuylova

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