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вторник, 26 апреля 2016 г.

"Imminent risk" of Anatoly Chubais

The Audit Chamber has found out who paid corporate Chubais Rosnano.
The auditors' conclusions are disappointing. SPIEF 2014. Persons. St. Petersburg, Anatoly Chubais
For the scandalous corporate Rosnano Anatoly Chubais had to pay their own moneyThe head of Rosnano Anatoly Chubais paid from its own funds for the compensation of a Christmas corporate companies, estimated at 3.3 million rubles. This is stated in the report of the Accounting Chamber, which carried out assessment of RUSNANO in the last 5 years.The report said the joint venture that corporate event for 300 people Rosnano cost 3.3 million rubles. However, the money "were fully offset" the company's management. In particular, after December 25, 2015 Chairman of the Board of "UK" Rosnano "Anatoly Chubais has made payment in full the amount listed in the company" Continent Express ", the New Year's event." The report of the Accounting Chamber leads TASS.

Recall that the government has banned state corporations to carry out activities at the expense of enterprises. However, in the corporate Rusnano held on a grand scale. Chubais said that "every leader, a quite elderly, like me, from time to time shall be entitled to anything breccia". Thereafter, the joint venture has initiated an audit of the organization from 2010 to 2015.We note that the auditors findings were disappointing. Guide Rusnano in 2014 and 2015 were paid remuneration in the amount of 8 billion rubles (management fee - 7.96 billion and the commission for the success - 0.13 billion rubles). This success Rosnano auditors found it difficult to enumerate, but failed projects turned out to be enough. Thus, the company was granted state guarantees for 25.88 billion rubles for 20 investment projects, but there was no reporting procedure (this omission the Ministry of Finance, according to the Joint Venture). Money spent at its discretion. Some of the money was invested in the production of polycrystalline silicon and monosilane (9.4 billion rubles), construction of a solar module plant (2.4 billion rubles), the creation of a lithium-ion battery (3 billion rubles), the production of the cutting wire on the basis of plasma technology surface modification (2.6 bln. rubles). However, the auditors concluded that the "fair value crisis projects of IFRS on September 30, 2015 amounted to 13.93 billion rubles, or 23% of the funding for the entire period of implementation." Auditor joint venture based on the statements said that "investments in project companies for these projects are unprofitable and inefficient assets."According to the long-term program of development of JSC "Rosnano" until 2020, approved last year, the company's operations will be unprofitable scheduled until 2017. The company is counting on government support in the form of state guarantees in the amount of 70 billion rubles.Accounting Chamber suggested that the Government reject the leadership of Rusnano to remuneration and to review investment projects, selecting the most relevant of them that are really in need of financial support.

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------Chubaysk - brave guy, "Rosnano" explained the loss of 13 billion rubles, "imminent risk" of machines more than any cost
Chubaysk - brave guy, "Rosnano" explained the loss of 13 billion rubles, "imminent risk", any more machines became state company "Rosnano" again in the center of the scandal. Now, unhappy employees under the leadership of Anatoly Chubais had to explain Where did the 13 billion rubles allocated for the development of domestic technologies. Hole 13 billion. Rubles have found the Accounts Chamber.According to the press release, the money was lost due to market factors and the technological, financial, marketing and other "unavoidable risks in innovation."Separately, in a press release also states that "Rosnano" does not use the funds received under the state guarantees for the payment of remuneration to its employees, including the executive staff.Earlier on Monday, April 25 The Audit Chamber said that "Rosnano" has implemented in the past year, out of the eight investment projects in excess of the level of 13.1 billion rubles costs. According to the September 30, 2015, "Rosnano" 16 investment projects have been completed. Analysis of the Accounting Chamber showed that eight investment projects' output was done with the excess of expenditure over income in the amount of 13.1 billion rubles, including the funds provided by the state guarantee support in the amount of 7.7 billion rubles. "As of September 30 last year, 21 investment projects "Rosnano" has been classified as a crisis. Total funding crisis projects amounted to 60.53 billion rubles. 20 of these projects were financed by the state guarantees in the amount of 25.88 billion rubles.Meanwhile, a month ago, the Russian government has finally turned its attention to the industry without which it is impossible in principle no import substitution, not to mention the introduction of innovations and yet allocated to support domestic machine tool industry 2.7 bln. Rubles.Several graphs showing how sad state of affairs in this area:
At the moment, Russia's largest producing country of machines that came on imports in the most developed countries of the world, has become the largest importing country machines, bringing the share of imported machinery equipment up to 87% (2009 figures). In the same year, scientists calculated that for the revival of the industry will need only 70 billion. Dollars, today more ...And that's just machine tools.On the other hand, but in exchange, Chubais play - a ride, not a ride, who will judge him, rum God.Ruslan Lyapin, IA "New Russia"

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