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суббота, 16 апреля 2016 г.

On the joint work of Vladimir Putin and the Russian government

Putin refused to consider the Russian government incapableMoscow. April 16. INTERFAX.RU - Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a responsible and professional present government."I said, I do not think it (the government) incapable. On the contrary, it (the government) is very worthy of bearing the burden of responsibility, of duty professionally ", - Putin said in an interview with the master program" Vesti on Saturday "Sergey Brilev held on Thursday after" straight line ".Thus Putin answered a question, it has already been made in the course of dialogue with the Russians on the air, whether he is satisfied with the government.

In addition, the President welcomed the intention of the ex-Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin to work more actively in expert structures at the president. "You know, because I have never lost contact with him, with Alexei Leonidovich. We are on friendly terms have always been. He is a very good specialist, a brilliant expert. And if he wants to contribute to the solution of problems faced by the country, why not? He wants now ", - the president said.As Putin said, "is the form that we found him, his participation in the joint work, it suits him, I think that we are too." Currently, the former deputy prime minister and ex-Finance Minister Kudrin, a member of the Presidium of the Economic Council under the President.Earlier in the straight line, Putin said that Kudrin will work in this advisory council, and perhaps become one of the deputies of his head.The President also added that the former minister "in one of the areas of efficient structures can be, the Center for Strategic Research, will deal with issues related to the development strategy for the near future, after 2018, and the most distant future."  

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