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вторник, 26 апреля 2016 г.

The robbery of the country under the guise of state

Russian holding for food security: how state support agribusiness leaking in offshore
If someone still believes that the development of agriculture in Russia is not profitable, then it is enough to look at the list of "Forbes", to make sure of the opposite. Leaders of the largest in the Russian market of meat holding a place among the richest Russian oligarchs and the relatives of the Minister of Agriculture included in the "top ten" of the country's largest landowners. But the problem is that while the agricultural giants such increase herd and build a farm for the state account, ordinary peasants pick them remnants of subsidies and occupy the missing funds in banks. I wonder how would the village lived, if aid was distributed more fairly?

The Russian government has allocated this week another batch of grants to support regional programs for beef cattle -. 2.9 billion rubles, the money will soon have to reach the Russian subjects. This is just one of the areas of agro-industrial complex of state, but what is surprising is that the regions "classify" information on the size of subsidies received by the leading Russian (but controlled from offshore companies) holdings. About who exactly gets the budget billions, can be found only from unofficial reports of officials and documents of the companies. On the eve attempted to understand these "closed" schemes.The most weighty subsidy of 1.8 billion rubles. He went to the Bryansk region, the anchor region of "Agribusiness". At the head of the holding company, which occupies the first place in Russia for the production of beef and pork (he leads and the export of meat), are brothers, Victor and Alexander Linnik. Both in 2016 first appeared in the ranking of the richest people in Russia, starting with 109-110 lines.State Chairman of the Board "Miratorga" and president of the holding is estimated at $ 0.75 billion. It can be assumed that a significant role in maintaining the well-being of "meat" business government plays. "Agribusiness" - the largest investor in the Russian agro-industrial complex, according to the company for 2014, the sum is estimated at 130 billion rubles, but what share of the funding comes from state money.?Home Bryansk subsidiary of the holding - "Bryansk Meat Company."Not as large producers in the region complain that it is she gets lion's share of all state support. Because open source is known, that the regional program for the development of beef cattle in 2009-2011. "Agribusiness", the company received 625 million rubles, while the volume of the program -. 635 million rubles. Farmers Bryansk wrote an open letter from the fact that they almost did not get the money, but worries about the holding of the authorities have not diminished."Agribusiness" takes care of the "tip" of the Russian authorities, which Linnik brothers allegedly is a relative, and in the public domain have the information that they have is a cousin of the prime minister's wife Svetlana Medvedeva. In 2012, Dmitry Medvedev held a meeting on site "Bryansk Meat Company," where the governor Nikolai Deneen with Viktor Linnik presented investment projects "Miratorga". Less than a year the Government has allocated to them targeted subsidy for the payment of interest on loans of "Vnesheconombank". The interest rate subsidized by the federal budget. In early 2015, Medvedev once again came to the Bryansk region on freshly factory "Miratorga" slaughter and processing of cattle. To further expand the "Agribusiness" took out a loan in "Vnesheconombank", an agreement on the $ 425 million was signed in 2015, for the money will create an inter-regional agricultural holding livestock cluster: to build 31 new farm and will increase the total population to 500 thousand heads..Information in the public domain about how much subsidy the company receives not. In the Bryansk region, as in other regions, information about targeted assistance to agricultural enterprises are not disclosed. Apparently, it's not just a "commercial secret", but also in the rules of distribution of support. So, in 2014 at a meeting of the Bryansk Regional Duma Agriculture Minister Boris Gribanov he said that "Agribusiness" has received 1.4 billion rubles. subsidies from 1.419 billion rubles., isolated region. The regional government explained this large-scale investment projects of the company:"The company has created in the region of more than 3.5 thousand jobs and has become one of the largest taxpayers -. The amount of payments to the budget in January-July 2014 exceeded 700 million rubles, including 500 million rubles to the budget directly in the area.." .infographics, Russia's largest companies APK | Photo: On the eveWe add that the beneficiaries "Miratorga", which is developing its business in Russia (the company is engaged in supplying products, including the "McDonald's"), are located in offshore holding belongs "Agromir Limited".If Linnik - newcomers to the Forbes ranking, the co-owner group of companies "Rusagro" Moszkowicz Vadim 10 years held in the first hundred. In 2016 the state of the owner of the largest sugar producer in the country amounted to 2.3 billion rubles. "Rusagro" operates under the brand names "Dream of the mistress", "Mon Cafe", "Brownie", "Generous summer", "Chaykofsky", "Russian sugar", and the final owners - ROS AGRO PLC - also located in Cyprus.co-owner group of companies "Rusagro" Vadim Moszkowicz | Photo: ladno.ruMeat assets are concentrated in Belgorod and Tambov regions. In 2014, the meat division was RUB 331.8 million. subsidies, while all the support for the state program of animal husbandry in the Belgorod region was 482 million rubles, Tambov -. 69.3 million rubles. (RF Ministry of Agriculture data). Also, group enterprises were 2.1 billion compensation of interest rates on loans that covered 93% of total interest-holding costs.
Rusagro | Photo:About 1.5 billion rubles. State subsidies owed group "Cherkizovo" (working in nine regions, the second largest agribusiness company in Russia in 2014), told representatives of the company. Holding in 2014-2015 gg. annually receives about 2 billion rubles. to subsidize interest rates on loans, but at the level of local government subsidies for the year declined to 82.7 million rubles. to RUB 33.9 million. Note that the group subsidies has dropped dramatically in the past two years. Prior to mass import substitution in agriculture, in 2013, the report of the holding were listed $ 48.8 million for compensation of interest rates, and in 2012 - $ 66.5 million from the local authorities in 2013, the company received $ 24.7 million rubles. .As in previous cases, the owners of "Cherkizovo" are abroad: according to SPARK, holding belongs Bermuda MB Capital Partners Ltd., another 28.5% - in the US The Bank of New York Inc.
Cherkizovo | Photo:Deofshorizatsii issue of agriculture was not raised even once, even at the peak of the popularity of the topic. The reason is that all affiliated offshore companies that control agriculture, structures abut the high-ranking officials, convinced the director of the Center for Regional Development of the Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation Sergey Andreev."It is not hard to figure out who is behind these companies, for their death is like a transcript of the entire ownership structure, in conjunction with the first executive directors in agriculture. Being at the helm of the distribution of public resources, they give money to businesses, the final beneficiaries of which they are. The second point - agriculture - the only sector that is still capable of producing the necessary in Russian production, it is a business that has unlimited sales Russians spend already half of their income on food, further proportion will increase to 75%, because less has no will and owners.. the largest agribusiness companies are the only recipients of income, their interest in the sector is quite clear, "- said Sergey Andreev On the eve.
Recall that in the list of backbone enterprises of many Russian companies controlled from offshore. It hit and the group "Danone Russia" (the parent company DAIRY JV (CIS) HOLDINGS (CYPRUS) LIMITED) - another major recipient of government subsidies milk. 47.5 million rubles. in 2015 the company received for the financing of capital investments in fixed assets, 55.1 million rubles. - For reimbursement of the interest rate.In the agro-industrial complex are concentrated not only the interests of oligarchs and industrialists (UMMC invests in horticulture, greenhouse gets the AFC "System" Evtushenkova), but also the officials and deputies. So, in the Belgorod Region Deputy Regional Legislative Assembly, Vladimir Zotov manages the company "Agro-Belogorye" with a net profit of 5.9 billion rubles. in 2014 (the fifth Russian company APC). First Deputy of the State Duma Committee on Agrarian Issues Airat Khairullin was listed among the co-owners of a dozen farms, and heads the National Union of Milk Producers. At the head of all the industry associations are also representatives of large agricultural holdings. It is not difficult to guess whose interests they are lobbying in the first place.Danone Russia | Photo:The ten largest landowners joined the family of Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev, who owns the company "Agrokomplex them. N. Tkachev" in the Krasnodar region. The results of the check for conflicts of interest, which was initiated at the request of Tkachev (after the requirements of the State Duma deputies), the Ministry of Agriculture revealed only after it became clear that "Agrokomlpeksa" has 456,000 hectares of land. The ministry reported that the conflict of interest found. However, it is "Agricultural complex" gets most of the "dairy" subsidies (granted for each liter of milk), being the largest milk producer in Russia. According to the report "Agrocomplex", last year the company has received more than 990 million rubles. budget subsidies (1.1 billion rubles -. 2014). In 2015, the region allocated to all farmers 6.5 billion rubles. (Excluding FTP and funds to support small farms), but it is necessary to take into account that there are a lot of giants in the Krasnodar Territory: the company "Efko" Agroholding Kuban, oil extraction plant "Yug Rusi", "Prodimex" and others.Vyselki, Krasnodar Krai, Agrocomplex them. Tkachev, Dmitry Medvedev, Alexander Tkachev | Photo: zao-agrokomplex.ru
Medvedev with Tkachev Tkachev visited the agro behalf of his father, whom Tkachev Ministry allocates grants on behalf of MedvedevGaidar Forum 2016 Dmitry Medvedev | Photo:At the same time we must not forget to talk about fair competition, a market economy and the importance of attracting investmentChairman of the Association of peasant farm cooperatives and other small agricultural producers of Krasnodar Territory Viktor Semyonov noted that about 30% of farmland is at the Kuban farmers, but farms receive about 10% of the state support, which is in the region."Why is this happening? Very small amount of state support for small farms do not play a role, and to get those 2-3 thousand. Rub., To arrive from remote areas in Krasnodar, spending commensurate amount of petrol. It is necessary to lower the level of power to regions and until melkozemelnye farms are not willing to collect the documents, because the amount is too small as a rule, even the money was not enough and they are obtained only by those who first passed the documents ", -. on the eve he said.Over the past three years in the provincial budget did not have the money for grants to farmers for meat and milk, complained agrarian, but in 2016 the state support, although small, but came. In addition, farmers are served subsidies for compensation of costs for the construction of greenhouses."Rules of the allocation of funds for large and small businesses the same, exceptions - beginning farmers, construction of family livestock complexes is therefore essential support per hectare gets big business, which has an incentive to staff and to develop.", - Said Semyonov.Agriculture - perhaps the only sector of the Russian economy, which by the end of 2015 showed not fall, and growth. Production rose by 3% per year, growers increased volumes by 2.9%, livestock - by 3.1%. According to the deputy head of the AC "WTO-Inform" Vyacheslav Pronin, played a role ruble record high grain prices and restrict imports of meat as a result of security investigations and sanctions. In addition, there was a significant financial support for producers - the company received 237 billion rubles. instead of the planned 185 billion rubles."Import substitution program has a positive effect Domestic producers were able to raise their prices and reach a higher level of profitability (18.9% according to the Ministry of Agriculture) to make investments that help to expand production and reduce costs, but there are distortions with state support distribution..: 99% support obtained 20 holdings, and medium and small farms are crumbs therefore richer only large agricultural holdings on the one hand, the Ministry of Agriculture is easier to keep track of the money that received 20 farms, and not a thousand, on the other -.. in large companies are more serious lobbying capabilities " - On the eve told Vyacheslav Pronin.The current subsidy system infringes not only small farms, but also the traditionally agrarian regions with small budgets. Ministry of Agriculture requires all co-actors, and the money goes to the rich regions.Due to development cost billions a few dozen major agricultural holdings, of which half - offshore, to keep for food security as the throat. And not fit to raise the issue of the problem of uneven distribution of state subsidies at stake - political stability."On the eve of the revolutions happening detention of food security of the country, when in storage products is, and in the stores - no studies show that a coup is enough for a few days to interrupt the food chain Since it is all in the hands of a narrow circle of people, they now decide.. whether the country's revolution, which would have to "push" with the help of the National Guard under, and then enter a dictatorial regime, as the only form of power preservation Such are the prospects of the situation, when the country held by the neck from offshore and pushed to the crisis ", -. talks about the future Sergey Andreev.Alain Laskutova  

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