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вторник, 26 апреля 2016 г.

In "Rosnano" effectively lose state money

 ,In "Rosnano" the loss of 13 billion rubles explained "market forces"
The reason for unsuccessful investments state company "Rosnano" at 13 billion rubles steel market factors, as well as technological, marketing and other risks, according to a press release issued on the audit of the Accounts Chamber."Failed investment projects are explained as market factors (such as product prices the project" polysilicon "fell from $ 300-400 per kg in 2008 to $ 20 in 2015), as well as technological, financial, marketing and other inevitable in innovation risks "- says the official announcement.The press release states that the company does not use the received funds under the state guarantees for the payment of remuneration to employees.Earlier it was reported that the Accounting Chamber has proposed not to pay bonuses leadership "Rosnano" for unprofitable projects.

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"Rosnano" will receive from the state an additional 70 billion rubles. loan guaranteesState support is needed in order not to interrupt the investment nanootraslAnatoly Chubais, it seems, has agreed to the continuation of state officials nanoindustryA. Gordeev / VedomostiThe Ministry of Finance and Economic Development Ministry previously agreed conditions and the form of state "Rosnano" in the years 2016-2018., Told "Vedomosti" a person familiar with the managers of "Rosnano", and confirmed the federal agency official. "Rosnano" get government guarantees totaling 70 billion rubles, say two:. Under these guarantees the company will be able to borrow from banks starting from 2016. According to "Vedomosti" interlocutors, authorities left only to reconcile "some technical issues", and then their proposal will be sent to the government."Rosnano", according to her spokesman Andrei Trapeznikova aware of the preliminary arrangements of officials about the state guarantees for 70 billion rubles., But he urged the government to await the final decision and the publication of the budget. Ministry of Economic Development representative Elena Lashkina told "Vedomosti" that the question of the extent and mechanisms of state support "Rosnano" worked out in the near future Ministry of Economic Development expects to submit to the government "concrete proposals taking into account the position of the Ministry and" Rosnano ".Creating "Rosnano" in 2007, the State confronted by the task of creating in Russia a full-fledged market of nanotechnological products and invested in its capital of 130 billion rubles. In addition, "Rosnano" received state guarantees for loans worth up to 182 billion rubles. For eight years, the funds were exhausted: the part of "Rosnano" invested in stocks and nano materials manufacturers, some of them provided the debt. Initially it was assumed that, having spent the state invested amount, "Rosnano" will continue to invest already own profits that will work, including selling a stake in working nanopredpriyatiyah. However, the reality was more complex.Last year "Rosnano" has finished with 14.57 billion rubles. net loss on revenue of 6.3 billion rubles. and 5.4 billion rubles. cash.By the end of 2014 "Rosnano" is completely out of nine projects (among them "Niarmedik", SiTime, "IRE pole / IPG Photonics») and another of the nine - part (eg, "Russian quartz" project), a member of the press says -service company. The average yield of these investments was 12.6% per annum. Outputs planned for the near future and said Trapeznikov, but what - did not disclose.The need in the second stage of public finance chairman of the board "Rosnano" Anatoly Chubais explained the cash gaps that can confront the company in 2017-2021 gg. And worked out a variant in which the state support ends after 2015 and the cash gaps covered exits from previous investments made, Chubais said: if "Rosnano" repay all loans on time, but there is little or no investment resources.The issue of additional state support "Rosnano" is discussed in the winter. Draft order of the government on this matter was discussed on January 20 at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, with the participation of the Ministry of Finance and Industry and Trade Ministry officials, it should be from the minutes of the meeting (there is in "Vedomosti"). Then Dvorkovich instructed Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Education until February 20 to decide to allocate additional funds the state company. And two days later, Chubais introduced a draft decision to the Russian President Vladimir Putin and received its approval visa Dvorkovich and Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov: "Rosnano" is one of the development priorities. Please take into consideration in the final decision "(available in" Vedomosti copy paper ").In August 2015 Chubais again met with Putin, but what was discussed, the representatives of "Rosnano" and the presidential administration silent."The point will be placed, as it should, when approving the budget - said Chubais reporters yesterday. - We expect that there will be a reasonable and informed decisions about which we previously agreed. Simply now incorrectly call numbers, he has not yet been approved. " "Rosnano" is "in a very constructive cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Industry," added the senior manager ( "Interfax" quotes on).Dvorkovich representative declined to comment until such time as the authorities proposals will be presented to the government. Finance Ministry spokesman did not respond to the request.-----------------------------In real life, effective managers are ordinary crooks for looting public funds.

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