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Where pension fund?

Government Recognition of robbing pensionersPensioners just settle moneyOil prices will revert to the actual inflation indexation paymentsPensions and public sector wages, probably will be indexed again depending on the actual level of inflation in the next year, said Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev. This will be possible, if the oil price will recover to $ 50 per barrel.
"It is likely that next year we will return to the standard indexing on actual inflation," - said Ulyukayev said in an interview to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".However, he believes this approach wrong. "Still, the indexation should be guided not by the fact of inflation last year, while waiting for the next period of inflation, that we were not an inflationary spiral", - explained the Minister.According to him, high inflation begets high indexing, and she, in turn, leads to a new round of price. "Therefore, we must focus on the indexing for inflation targeting, the more that is actually quite fast approaching the target," - said Ulyukayev.

According to forecasts of the Bank of Russia, inflation in 2016 will not exceed 6 - 7%. Ministry of Economic Development expects this figure in the region of 7 - 7.5%. Central Bank targets inflation of 4% for 2017.According to Rosstat, in 2015, prices rose by 12.9% in the country. And social Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets in October announced plans to increase pensions by 12% in total. However, the problems in the economy have led to the fact that payments have been increased by only 4% at the beginning of this year. As a result, the average size of old-age pension insurance is currently 13.1 thousand. Rubles. The second indexing scheduled for July, but whether it will take place is not known, it will depend on the economic situation.Ulyukayev previously opposed extending the freeze of pension savings in 2017. The moratorium on the formation of government funded pension was introduced in 2014-2016 gg., And the Ministry of Finance proposed to do the trick again. The fact that to save for retirement is useless, he spoke and social Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, reported that the Russians lost in the private pension funds in 2015 more than 200 billion rubles.The decision to freeze pending, said the head of Ministry of Economic Development. "There is no consensus on the economic unit is not I, of course, against it." - He said.Igor YURYEV11:12, 03.25.2016-------------------------------------------------- -----------Capital outflow from Russia reached $ 35 billion in two months
03/18/2014Ministry of Economic Development estimates the outflow of capital from Russia in January-February, at around $ 35 billion, said the head of the Ministry Alexei Ulyukayev. "At the end of February, he (outflow - Ed.) Is close to January for two months -. About $ 35 billion," - said Ulyukayev.
The outflow of capital from Russia in two months has reached $ 35 billion Economic Development Ministry does not intend to change the capital outflow forecast for 2014 "While it is pointless to do", - the minister said.
The outflow of capital in the I quarter could reach $ 30-35 billion, and by the end of the year, is likely to be higher than the projected $ 30 billion, has previously said Deputy Economic Development Minister Andrei Klepach.
-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------Medvedev government can not stop the flight of capital from RussiaMoscow, January 20 (New Region, Anastasia Smirnova) - Nearly $ 63 billion, "escaped" from Russia in 2013, which is almost 15% more than the year before. According to the CBA, the banks withdrew from the country of $ 6 billion, the private non-banking sector companies to order more -. $ 56.7 billion Meanwhile, according to experts, official statistics record only a part of a powerful outflow. It is very likely that the country appears much more money than is reflected in the reports of the Central Bank, "Nezavisimaya Gazeta".According to the publication, which is funneling money and why - really knows, no one seems to. The Economic Development Ministry officials admitted that the outflow structure is unknown to them. The Finance Ministry bolder - here propose to rename the problem: not a "capital flight", but only "transfer of funds". According to statistics, about half of the outflow is necessary for the payment of interest on private sector external debt, which is growing. Company also invested in foreign assets. But the main outflow of factors, according to experts, are the shadow economy and offshore.
For information on how to estimate such figures, and that it considered the outflow, the government arguing for a long time. After the crisis of 2008, the Russian economy has never been able to secure a net inflow of funds. This government has never outflow predictions did not come true. Year always began with optimistic expectations that the outflow will be minimal, and ended with the recognition of the fact that capital is again went out of control. Each time was a new explanation outflows: the debt crisis in Europe, which began to withdraw funds from emerging markets, the major deal "Rosneft" TNK-BP.Unable to solve the problem, government officials once tried it just to rename. In particular, the Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak has previously demanded to abandon the terrible word "flight" and "flight" and replace them with more neutral phrase "transfer of funds" since such a definition not necessarily due to the unfavorable investment climate and political risks.But amid this silence the problem of this sensation was the surprise announcement now ex-chairman Sergei Ignatyev Central Bank that about 60% of the capital outflow from the country accounts for "doubtful transactions", which may be associated with payment of the supply of drugs, gray imports, bribery and kickbacks to officials with tax evasion.It is worth noting that although the central bank and publishes the outflow of capital by principal, in fact we can only guess what lies behind each of the items and what kind of suspicious transactions. It is possible that about half of the outflow really falls on the private sector payments on foreign loans. According to the Central Bank in October 2013, foreign debt of banks and private enterprises of non-banking sector increased from the beginning of 2012 to $ 483.3 billion, that is almost 20%.A rough calculation shows that the maintenance of such debt can cost about $ 25-35 billion annually at a rate of 5-7% per annum. This is about half the current outflow of capital. In addition, much of the funding comes from the purchase of foreign assets that can ideally be profitable.Director of the Institute of Strategic Analysis FBK Igor Nikolaev, commenting on the situation, said that all transactions are recorded in the CBA reports, more or less legal. This operation, which - at least formally - not violate the law. Although, of course, and then may suddenly find that the transaction was actually "questionable".But it must be borne in mind that the official statistics are specified for certain, not all financial flows. "Illegal operation it is naturally not reflected. And the rate of outflow - 62.7 billion dollars - should be seen as a minimum ", - the expert believes. It is possible that from leaking more countries.In turn, the director of analytical department of company "Alpari" Alexander Razuvaev connects the export of capital from the country primarily to the shadow economy. He listed other factors that accelerate the outflow. "Over the past year the ruble has fallen by almost 10%. This means that the ruble bond market is now not as attractive as before. Previously we could offer yields higher than other countries with similar levels of risk. Also on the stock market - liquidity problems, "- said Razuvaev.According to him, the government has by and large does nothing to reverse the trend of outflows. Central Bank engaged in mopping up the financial sector, but this is not enough, he said. The investment climate has not improved, coherent industrial policy formulated in the country, the stock market is concentrated in the hands of just a few players, there is minimal competition, which means that the market does not develop here - with investment issues.
Matviyenko: Russia inferred from $ 1 trillion over 20 yearsDecember 26, 2013, 9:34, IA "Amitel"From Russia more than $ 1 trillion was withdrawn over the past 20 years. This was stated by Chairman of the exclusive interview of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, the TV channel "Russia 24".
"According to many experts, for 20 years in the offshore zone was withdrawn more than $ 1 trillion Russian capital - said Matvienko -. There are several dozens of schemes -. Tax, investment, corporate optimization in offshore zones This is a world that is very convenient to hide income and move away from fair taxation. "
She noted that because of this it is very difficult at the national level to achieve the necessary adjustment.
Matvienko is dissatisfied with the speed of decision-making in Russia, in order to deal with this situation. According to her, we can take the example of Germany.
"It is impossible to imagine that the large national companies were offshore", - added the speaker.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------
Ulyukayev admitted that the government has robbed pensioners in favor of oligarchy, as oil prices fell. To maintain the level of income of the oligarchy government went on robbing pensioners.
Pension issue is so clouded by all sorts of empty arguments that there is a need to explain the basic things. First, pension is not a gift of God, or the President, not benefit from the state and not the victim of the oligarchy. Pensions are funds earned by the citizens themselves, formed as a result of deductions for the period of their employment. The pension system is a kind of insurance fund of mutual aid and support of citizens who took to manage the state, along the way to join this hand and stuck his lackeys, and also sends out pension money on all sorts of dubious projects.
In Ulyukayev would never thought that pensioners with their work and their deductions earned their pensions by investing their labor and their abilities to the economic wealth of the country. But thanks to successful managers and plutocrats these riches have successfully migrated to the western offshore, about which said Valentina Matvienko. Now Ulyukayev and the entire liberal rabble trying to prove to seniors that the government includes pensioners from the budget, the proceeds from the sale of oil.The fact that today the government, untwisted inflation and spurring a rise in prices, robbed pensioners there is no doubt. But worst of all, the deputies of the State Duma, are obliged to protect the interests of the people, turned out to be in a team with members of the government and the oligarchs, and supported the robbery.

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