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вторник, 26 апреля 2016 г.

Where's the money, Zin? Or zanykal pension trillion

Yes, there is one trillionchik, snitch on people, which many of you know, but for various reasons it did not try to remember. Jumps out this trillion as the devil-the-box, the difference of so-called "age of survival" and the average life expectancy in the country.
Material published on Newsland.comRecently, Dmitry Medvedev, reporting to the State Duma on the results of the government's work in 2015, with pride, said: "We have achieved the highest in the entire history of Russia, ancient history, I mean, life expectancy - a '71 A few years ago, the majority. men did not live up to 60 ".More precise figure, according to the Minister of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation Maxim Topilin, life expectancy at birth in 2015 was 71.4 years. And more precisely, 71 years and 5 months. This is important for further calculations.

So, while the expected period of the funded pension, or the so-called "age of survival", in 2015 was equal to 228 months, or 19 short years. From January 1 this year, the "age of survival," according to the Decree of the RF Government dated 2 June 2015 for №531 increased to 234 months (19 years 6 months).Thus, the difference between the "age of survival" and the average life expectancy in Russia currently stands at 5 years and 7 months. That is the real 'age survival "is 187 months - 13 years 11 months.So, roughly pension for 5 and a half years "nedozhitiya" up to 19 years for each of the 39 million Russian pensioners remain in the budget PF.How much is in rubles? Let's count. Multiply the insurance part of the pension 8634 rubles derived from dividing the "designated", "age survival" 234 months for real 'age survival "- 187 months. Published: 10792 rubles. So underpayment amount - 2158 rubles.Therefore, the actual size of the national average pension should be: 10792 rubles (insurance part) + 4566 rubles (basic part) = 15358 rubles.And here it comes out of the woodwork and our jack-of trillionchika. In one month, 30 million pensioners underpaid 84 billion 162 million for the year - $ 1 trillion a penny. In our case, the "penny" - is 9 billion 944 million.It turns out that due to the overstatement "age survival" underestimate the Russians retired, at least 25%.But maybe, the current age of the "age survival" is adopted, it is said, for growth. So wise parents buy their kids growing footwear, coats and so forth. And that in fact buy the size and the following year more throw out a good thing.And with a population of demonstrating at this stage of a steady trend of growth in life expectancy, the same story: over 5 years - from 2011 to 2015 - the average life expectancy increased from 69.8 years to 71.4 years. You look, and to ennomu year, however, be equal "appointed" the "age of survival" with the real.Alas! The Government has taken into account, and this time, laying the faster growth of 'age survival ". In the above-mentioned decree №531 it, "age survival", since 2015 will gradually increase each year for six months, reaching a 20-year 258 months (21 years 6 months). That is for five years will grow by 30 months, and the average life expectancy in the same period, as we have seen above, grew by only 19 months.It turns out that "average life expectancy" can not catch up with the "age of survival", but rather the distance between them will only increase? So, so. Anyway, in the foreseeable future. But in this case, very soon we will have no one Zina trillionchik will ask, and two ...And really there to raise pensions by a quarter? It is. Prime Minister boasted that Russia has achieved the highest life expectancy in its history. But if he had compared the level of pensions, for example, in the USSR and Russia, he would then say to him, and there was nothing. In the Soviet Union's pension is 60% of salary, while in Russia - 40%. In other words, the pension of "backwardness" of the USSR as regularly qualify in their speeches, Medvedev State in which he grew up and was educated, had more than 30% higher than in present-day Russia. That's the task of "catch up and overtake", at least not America, and themselves.

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