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понедельник, 18 июля 2016 г.

About liberalism and Russian President Vladimir Putin Stalinism

 The article "Who will separate the wheat from the chaff in the evaluation of Putin?" It ended with the words: "And here are the answers to the questions why Putin bestow, Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Gaidar, Chubais and no fan of Vladimir Lenin and Stalin, are already in the other stories." Members in their comments expressed a desire to get answers to questions relating, in my opinion, to the "other stories". That's why I keep talking about Vladimir Putin regarding "other stories".First of all, I make a reservation at once, that when it is said that the Russian leader of one fan of, but others do not, the word "fan of" should be quoted. And now I want to ask readers of users, whether they believe that the former oktyabryata, Pioneers, Komsomol and Communist Party members holding respectable positions in the party and Soviet life, placing candles in churches and crosses on the image suddenly became true believers?

I think no. These people pay tribute to fashion, walking in step with the times. And in Russia after 1991 came the anti-Soviet, anti-communist, liberal. And former comrades, and now the gentlemen who are in power, are obliged to comply with the new decal in its plan underscores the unity of the people who thought about their religious feelings. Both in terms of Christianity, and in terms of other religions.I believe that Mr Putin is not worse than we are aware of the contribution of Mikhail Gorbachev in the deprivation of the CPSU its organizing and guiding role in the Soviet Union, which led ultimately to the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Communist Party played a role in the Soviet Barrel hoops and without the Soviet state fell apart like that same barrel.
. Known Putin and financial sources "Gorbachev Foundation" (Gorbachev - are one and the same), which "relies on its partners, among them: charity, American and German organizations, individual philanthropists" With the money these "philanthropists" are held "revolution" in the Arab world, the West objectionable overthrown the government, there are opposition and human rights activists in Russia.Activities of the Gorbachev Foundation - an anti-Russian informational and ideological interests in the United States. Nevertheless, Putin is forced to, I emphasize, is forced to observe etiquette and send congratulatory greetings on the occasion of the birthday of the main Russian Judah. This "hristoprodavets", or rather "kommunoprodavets" along with his accomplice, Boris Yeltsin, and drove a stake into the heart of the Soviet Union. And Russian President better than anyone else knows it. Why open "Yeltsin-center" and do not touch Chubais, when his right hand Koch and other accomplices have long been on the run?To understand this, let us turn to history. It is known that the King of Navarre (since 1572) Henry III was the leader of the Huguenots at the end of the Wars of Religion in France. To neutralize their Catholic rivals and become the French king Henry IV of, he had to formally accept Catholicism as saying by the King, "Paris is worth a Mass." Staying in a Protestant soul, he played the role of the Catholic King, of course, in the interests of France. He had far-reaching plans for a pan-European alliance of Christian monarchs. (Wikipedia)
For Putin's liberal Moscow, too, is his "liberal mass" to the post of President of the Russian Federation to work for her benefit. I even in my article earlier put Putin in conditional status Shtirlitsa liberal Russia. Putin has to maneuver between pro-Western liberals and Russian patriots, are increasingly leaning toward Stalinism. Those who have gained considerable status during a nationwide looting good at the beginning of the Damned 90 never voluntarily give up on them. A major socio-economic levers of Russia's domestic policy is precisely unpatriotic are in the hands of the ruling "elite".Putin did not touch the landmark figure of Chubais to his powerful enemies, with whom he has to negotiate, were convinced that the word firmly Putin. Without this, it would have already the joy of the West was removed from the Kremlin. And work on the restoration of the sovereignty of Russia has just begun. Stalin had to endure Trotskyists 10 years and still only 10 on the eve of the Great War, he was able to completely destroy the internal anti-Soviet opposition among the "revolutionary elite". I believe that Putin has more time to deal with its opposition.Who among Russians clearly it manifests itself in the strong request (Stalin's) hand. According to the polls, "Levada-Center" 54% of Russians believe that Stalin played a positive role in Russian history. 67% think the Leader of the peoples wise leader. Even huntovskie Ukrainian journalists have noted that since March 2014, after the annexation of Crimea to Russia and the beginning of the war in the Donbass region, "Putin began to act openly, like Stalin - and the Stalinists recognized him as his."Putin tipped the fate of the "modernized" Stalin. In 2013, the Carnegie Foundation issued a report in which it was said that with the advent of Putin's Russia "started a quiet rehabilitation of Stalin." If Stalin's approval rating was 12% in 1989, then in 2012 it rose to 49%. and now exceeds 50%.
Who can be compared with Russian flower bed, followed by a gardener Putin. Sometimes it is necessary to very carefully weed flowers liberal and not to interfere with the growth of the Stalinist Tsvetik. I think in the future this flowerbed hatch and socialist shoots. Russia needs Putin. He consistently oppression of their own line, without bending the stick.
 Vitaly Chumakov 

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