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суббота, 30 июля 2016 г.

Who organized the storm?

The Finance Ministry believe that the Russian economy is in the center of the storm
July 30 - RIA Novosti. First Deputy Minister of Finance of Russia Tatyana Nesterenko said that Russia's economy is in the center of the storm - when everything looks quiet, but in reality it is not."Storm Center - is a state when all calms down when looks quietly and safely, but in fact we are already in the center and politicians must evaluate and select the solution that will enable this center of the storm hard, but to go in managed.. mode ", - she said."What we have got and it will twist - this is obvious, but how to get out of this Will this or we will randomly generate a policy out there that will allow us to more safely get out of this situation.?" - She added. According to Nesterenko, the stability of the situation in the economy is now provided only by reserves, but internal and external factors are such that, if nothing is changed, then the end of the year, "we will not have any reserves, nor the ability to pay salaries."

"If we allow this, but, of course, is not allowed, even in my thoughts." - She said.This year, the Ministry of Finance planned to spend from the reserve fund of 2.1 trillion rubles. If this plan is not exceeded, by the end of the year the fund will be about a trillion rubles. The following year, the Reserve Fund may be exhausted completely, in this case for the financing of government budget deficits are going to attract the NWF funds.At the same time, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov warned that if we continue to spend reserves in the same volumes as in previous years, they are quickly exhausted. The Finance Ministry believe that this can not be allowed.

State-owned companies held in the ravaged "BFG-Credit" seven billion rubles
Commercial organizations are in federal ownership, are deprived of the accounts of the bank's license "BFG-Credit" means the sum of 7.35 billion rubles. On Wednesday, July 27, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the credit reporting agencies. At the same time, most of these public institutions belong to the media.It also reported that a variety of media in the amount stored in the bank accounts of about 10 billion rubles.As analysts polled by the agency noted, due to the fact that the hole in the bank's capital amounts to 50 billion rubles, it is doubtful that the third stage of the creditors (including government agencies) will be able to get anything.The Bank of Russia before July 27 confirmed the presence of a hole in the bank's balance sheet, assessing it at about 40 billion rubles.Central Bank revoked the license of "BFG-Credit" in the morning on 27 July. According to the regulator, with the poor quality of assets the bank adequately evaluated the risks taken. Capital adequacy ratio of the credit institution has fallen below two per cent, the equity has fallen below the authorized capital.Private investors "BFG-Credit" has already received 21 billion rubles of compensation, which is 95.7 percent of the total amount of compensation. Payments provided 43 thousand clients of the credit institution.
The bankers have stolen 550 billion rubles from the collapsed bank, estimated DIAMore than 80% of the causes of bank failure are criminal in nature
Daria BorisyakSince 2005, under the management of DIA has received about 500 banks, the elimination of about half have been completed, according to the materials. The cost of assets of liquidated banks on average only 10% of their book value. More than 80% of the causes of bankruptcy are criminal in nature and linked to the withdrawal of assets as a result of questionable, economically unjustified transactions, which take place with the knowledge or in the interests of the owners of the banks, causing significant financial damage. In this regard, the DIA has sent 417 applications to law enforcement authorities, and since the beginning of 2014 the state corporation has sent 159 such applications, according to the materials for the meeting.Investigative bodies instituted 284 criminal cases related to the damage to the banks of their leaders and owners in the production is 210 cases. "As a result of investigation of criminal cases handed down 49 indictments against the owners, managers and employees of financial institutions (including 20 convictions -. In 2014-2016), and another 10 cases are pending in the courts," - the document says.DIA tries to compensate by feeding a civil action for compensation for it, and the requirement of bringing supervisors to vicarious liability. Total DIA stated claims totaling 164 billion rubles., The courts have satisfied the requirements of 97 billion rubles. "Nevertheless, the real possibility of the penalty awarded sums of money, in practice there are a number of objective difficulties" - indicates the state-owned corporation in the materials.
Often, the DIA and the Central Bank faced with the attempts of owners deliberately delay the proceedings, but the real recovery of funds from the perpetrators is difficult because in most cases, by the time of execution of court decisions in the defendants did not have a significant property in Russia. Increasingly, DIA faced with the facts of the output controlled by the Bank officials misappropriated assets abroad, and do face in the event of banks have serious financial problems go beyond Russia. Currently, there are more than two dozen troubled banks, former executives and owners who are hiding abroad.In September 2015 the director of the expert-analytical department of the DIA Julia Medvedev said that at that time the agency was able to recover less than 1% of the decisions made by the courts in the 93 billion rubles.itemprop = "author"> Vladimir Kuzmin Dmitry Medvedev holds meeting on economic issuesDedicated to support the banking sector through the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) 1 trillion rubles will be spent on financing the real economy projects.The Prime Minister held a meeting on economic issues, which was attended by First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, presidential aide Andrei Belousov, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, Minister of Economic Development Alexei Ulyukayev and head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina. Prime again raised the question of measures to support domestic banks and, in particular, the allocation for the DIA line 1 trillion rubles. "I would like to emphasize that the money should not go to the reorganization of troubled banks, - Medvedev said -. They are designed specifically for credit expansion It helps producers, help the economy.". Further funds should reach at specific projects in agriculture, processing industry, chemical industry, food industry, transport sector, engineering, communications, construction.

Medvedev ordered to allocate 1 trillion rubles for the capitalization of the DIA29/12/2014Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a document on the recapitalization of the state corporation "Deposit Insurance Agency" by transferring federal loan bonds worth 1 trillion rubles. On Monday, Interfax reports."This is done in order to increase the capitalization of Russian banks and thereby enhance the stability of the banking system and increase lending to the real sector by banks and to protect the interests of depositors," - said Medvedev at a meeting with the vice-premiers.According to the government, the decision was taken in order to maintain the stability of the financial system. Medvedev instructed the Ministry of Finance to carry out all the procedures, and to amend the law on the federal budget. In turn, the DIA will provide proposals for banks, which will be supported.Earlier today, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law on raising the limit of insurance payments on bank deposits from DIA fund doubled - to 1.4 million rubles. Earlier, the size limit of insurance coverage for household deposits amounted to 700 thousand rubles.

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