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понедельник, 18 июля 2016 г.

On the rate of return on capital

Profits of Russian banks jumped 26 times
Russian banks in January-May 2016 received 235 billion rubles of profit. This is stated in the materials of the Bank of Russia. For the same period last year this figure amounted to nine billion rubles. Thus, the sector profit rose 26-fold.In May, the banks earned 68 billion rubles - almost a third of the total amount from the beginning of the year, it follows from the document.Economy Russia has yet to descend to the lowest point of the crisisProvisions for losses increased since the beginning of the year by 5.3 percent, or 287 billion rubles. For the same period last year figure rose by 11.6 percent (469 billion rubles).

June 17 President of Sberbank German Gref said that the profit of Russian banks amount to 600-700 billion rubles in 2016.June 14 the Bank of Russia deputy chairman Mikhail Sukhov said that the profit of the Russian banking sector in 2016 could exceed 500 billion rubles.Following the results of 2015 the profit of the Russian banking system amounted to 192 billion rubles.

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