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понедельник, 18 июля 2016 г.

That offer and what the Liberals are willing to citizens

Putin will have to choose the model of economic growthMaxim Shemetov / TASSMay 20. FINMARKET.RU - President Vladimir Putin at a session of the Economic Council of May 25 will have to choose between two concepts - the fiscal stimulus and fiscal consolidation, with access to the sustained economic growth in three years, write "Vedomosti". According to the publication, such items discussed at the meeting of the Board of the participants before the meeting. Against supporters of fiscal stimulus (presidential aide Andrei Belousov and representative Stolypin club business ombudsman Boris Titov) perform Chairman of the Center for Strategic Research Alexei Kudrin.
Earlier Belousov told "Vedomosti" that cFe

di consensus Council members: the Russian economy may grow by 4% of GDP per year since 2018 (this will bring the budget more than 300 billion rubles needed to upgrade.). But Kudrin another opinion, tell the interlocutors "Vedomosti". His performance retells one of the participants in the preliminary meeting: "It is not necessary to drive the country towards economic growth in the coming years, this is no maximum resources can be accessed at stable GDP growth of 1%.". It is important to reduce the deficit to 1% of GDP and inflation to 4%, and in the meantime to carry out institutional reform - judicial and law enforcement systems, he explains. Kudrin's spokesman declined to comment.
For economic growth needs run in 3-5 years, says another participant of the meeting. But first need to agree on the reforms, he says, if they run since 2017, then in 3-5 years may be a high growth rate. Jump 4% tomorrow impossible and dangerous, it emphasizes the interlocutor of "Sheets". "This is a reasonable position," - assesses the federal official: to grow, major structural changes are necessary. And at $ 100 per barrel, Russia will not be able to grow faster than 1.5-2% without structural reforms, said the chairman of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina. Without them, Russia is doomed to eternal stagnation, he warned the first deputy chairman Ksenia Yudaeva.Belousov does not agree with the fact that the resource growth is not - he sees it in a big company's undistributed profits, which now lies in the accounts. It will invest when inflation will start falling and quasipolitical risks, says the director of the Center for the HSE Natalia Akindinova. Business is not inclined to invest and this is a more serious problem than the lack of funds for investment, says Akindinova - the money will not be saved.
Institutional reforms can be supplemented by stimulus measures, according to the official - member of the Board. One of the measures that can be offered to the President, - the restoration of the investment incentives. Possible suggestions Economic Development - increasing the limits on project financing (refinancing of banks under the lower rate for specific projects), retells the federal official. "200-300 billion rubles VEB to refinance and for banks -. It would have turned the tide with investments.The coalition Kudrin better chance to convince the President, write "Vedomosti", citing the opinion of some officials: Putin - a supporter of fiscal consolidation, especially as the necessary provisions for the elections. "And, of course, the words of a man who once kept the money in these reserves will be important for him," - said one of the officials. But GDP growth of 1% and stable macroeconomics - too dull agenda for the president's election, says another official.
Putin will decide whether to to raise presidential rating needed economic growth, says the chief economist of the BCS Vladimir Tikhomirov: "If the reform, it is a conflict with the elites or the masses, but if you walk along the path of stagnation, there will be no funds for sotsraskhody and sooner or. later, people also take to the streets. "
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Liberals, lackeys of capital, offered to rob the people to enrich the oligarchy, which, in their opinion, will develop the country and its economy.And the people, for the most part, considers it necessary to return to the state by oligarchs plundered the property, return the stolen pension funds and appoint pensioners a decent pension. Thus, to restore justice and to create a basis for further development of the country.

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