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понедельник, 18 июля 2016 г.

Bede capitalist repair

high-rise tenants deprived of money collected for the repairJune 20. FINMARKET.RU - In Russia started to liquidate the Special Account, through which tenants of apartment buildings save money for the repair, and all collected in this case, the contributions go into the general "pot". Housing Code allows local authorities to close the special accounts if the collection fees on them is less than 50%, writes "Rossiyskaya Gazeta". But if even some six months ago, the likelihood of such a development was discussed only in theory, but now already have the real facts.
"For instance, in Udmurtia eight apartment buildings are denied the right to collect fees for the repair of special accounts on a waiting list of 200." - Said the head of direction of the housing sector, "Urban Development" Fund "Institute of Urban Economics" Irina Gentsler. According to her, the reason for non-payment, in most cases purely organizational: the tenants simply do not come bills. "We pay for the repair fees often fails when the account holder is a regional operator - says the interlocutor of" RG "-.. According to the law, he's not obliged to put vouchers Moreover, if the costs of the regional service operator for the total" pot "offset regional budget, the costs associated with charging, printing and delivery of payment documents to the owners, who opted for special accounts, no one compensated. So regional operator today is simply not interested to work with the special accounts of residents. " A number of regions, including Moscow, have solved this problem at its own level. But there are areas where it still exists. In the near future, experts will prepare their proposals how to resolve this issue. As well as how to return the Russians their special accounts.
According to the law, there are two options for paying for the repair fees. Residents can allocate money to the general "pot", managed by a specially created for this regional operator, or to raise funds in a special account just for the repair of your own home. As of the beginning of this year, residents of 69 thousand (9.5%) of apartment buildings collected contributions for the repair is in special accounts. Experts agree that this scheme needs to be developed further. Chairman of the Commission on Urban Affairs and Housing Moscow City Duma Stepan Orlov sure that ideally a special account for the formation of capital repairs fund should be in every apartment building. "The main advantage is that having a" piggy bank ", people can decide for themselves when and how much to do home repairs," - he recalls.

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