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понедельник, 18 июля 2016 г.

Rob citizens unpopular, but profitable

  Medvedev has promised to restore full indexation of pensions only in 2017The decision on partial compensation he called unpopular, but the only possible
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, speaking at the congress of "United Russia", said that the planned restoration of full indexation of pensions, but ... next year. Premier explained that life is getting more expensive, prices are rising and populist decisions on pensions would further inflated the price race.Medvedev has promised to restore full indexation of pensions only in 2017Photo: youtube.com

"We understand that life becomes more expensive growing drug prices for products, although we try to keep them as much as possible.", - Said the chairman of the Russian government. Medvedev said in this regard, that the decision on partial indexation of pensions was unpopular, but the only possible one. "Populist solutions would lead to a resurgence of inflation (ie, to even greater growth cent - Ed.)" - Explained Dmitry Medvedev.
At the same time as the "Interfax", he proposed to restore the indexation of pensions in full, based on the inflation rate of the previous year, with the next 2017.In addition, he promised to achieve indexing and other social benefits and allowances, including matkapitala program, which reminded the prime minister, extended until 2018.Medvedev also reported that Russian enterprises there was a threat of mass layoffs, but unemployment has been contained. 

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