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понедельник, 18 июля 2016 г.

Russia has three woes: the oligarchs, liberal bureaucrats

 In Russia - the three woesAlexei Kudrin has diagnosed the national economy
Alexei Kudrin has chosen the main challenges that the authorities will deal with in 2018. They traditionally are relevant for Russia: the quality of governance, isolation from international financial markets and the technological gap. Experts interviewed by "Lentoy.ru" call these apparent problems, and the need for reform - unconditional, and anxiously talking about the difficulties in the implementation of these plans.Corruption, isolation, backwardness

Chairman of the Board of the Center for Strategic Research (CSR), a former Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin is preparing a request for the president of Russia the country's development program. It is expected that work will be completed in a year, and by 2018 th will be the basis of the state strategy.The first step on the way to the final plan of salvation of the economy was the conference "Challenge 2017". In the closed mode, dozens of experts (to be precise - 77 people) tried to identify pain points Russia - something with which authorities will have to fight for years to come.

The results of the expert survey published on the CSR website.All risks are divided into three groups: domestic and foreign policy and security; institutions, civil society and human capital; macroeconomics.The leader of the first group has been deepening isolation from international capital markets and commodity markets. For this risk "voted" 63.6 percent of respondents. At the same time 27.3 per cent reported that the risk of the country's involvement in cross-border conflicts.In the second group won low level of public administration, combined with corruption (46.8 percent). Excessive government involvement in the economy received 28.6 percent.In the third, the economic group noted the technological backwardness of the country and the limited involvement of the global technological revolution (40.3 per cent of experts have chosen this option).

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