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суббота, 30 июля 2016 г.

The Russians have hard times

The Russians are cutting spending on chocolate and milkElena MalyshevaBecause of the crisis Russians indulge in "little gastronomic pleasures." Over the past year, they have significantly reduced the cost of the purchase of chocolate milk and drinking water. This demonstrates the growing uncertainty of consumers against a background of real incomes fall by 5%.Previously, the Russians "have seized" tough economic times sweet, but today many of them can not afford it. The overall dynamics of volumes of consumption of coffee, chocolate, bottled water and milk production has declined over the last year, and in June the fall was accelerated, according to "Romir" holding data.

Special index of "Coffee with milk", which includes the study of prices and volumes of these four products, is a unifying figure for different groups of consumers and in fact demonstrates the economic confidence of Russians, according to the "Romir". All four positions are not the products of first necessity, and are "elementary set of simple pleasures."In general, the index sank more than 8% per year, due to lower purchases of water (-12.8%), milk (-15.6%) and chocolate (-7.1%). In June, the index declined even more sharply against the backdrop of rising prices for these categories of goods. So, if the water in the past month increased by 4.4%, the volume of its purchases have fallen by 4%, the price of coffee rose by 3%, while purchases dropped by 3.1%. Chocolate Russians bought 9.2% less than during the growth rates of 4%.Of the products included in the "gastronomic pleasures" list, the Russians have retained the loyalty of the former only to coffee. For the year prices have increased by 4.2%, but it did not seem to bother consumers (sales growth - 3.9%).Retailers suggest that Russians are increasingly abandoning delicacies. The trend of customers price sensitivity remains, people do less impulse buying, planning and control their spending, said the Director of Corporate and External Relations Group of Companies "Dixie" Catherine Kumanin. "In high demand are price action with a deep discount", - she says.The company "Auchan" argue that this is not a complete failure of the Russians from the sweet, rather they replace one purchase other, more cost. "We can talk about the fact that consumers are in principle optimize purchases (including in the choice of chocolate, coffee and bottled water) by selecting analogues with a lower price," - said Director of External Communications Maria Kurnosov.Sales Dynamics category "Dairy desserts" in the network "Victoria" supermarkets confirms the conclusion that the Russians are cutting back on treats. "Frugal shoppers reduced their consumption of non-essential goods, such as curd mass and dairy snacks, but to completely abandon the treats they are not prepared", - the company says. This, according to them, confirms the demand for glazed curds - their turnover has increased by almost 20% compared to last year.In the category "Coffee" and "Drinking Water" celebrated redistribution of demand in favor of products in packages larger volume. Choosing candy, buyers prefer cheaper weight.The network of supermarkets "I Loved" is also noticed that a sweet tooth are now opting for weight chocolate. This downward trend in demand for sweets, desserts and rich pastries may be due to the season: reduction of traditionally observed from June to September, says Oksana Starch, Commercial Director of the network of supermarkets "I Loved". "During the summer, are gaining popularity sweets" dry shelf "(biscuits in large packaging, drying, wafers, wafer cakes, etc.). These are products that, firstly, we can take with you to the cottage or on the nature, and secondly, have a long shelf life ", - she says.Common costs Russians in June showed a record decline compared with May, previously reported "Romir".According to the holding company, the Russians were forced to spend on food for more than half of his salary, which indicates the growing poverty. In June, the figure reached 54% (against 50% in May).According to the latest data from Rosstat, the real incomes of Russians continue to decline very rapidly. In the first half of 2016 real income per annum collapsed by 5%.The situation is tense and unstable. The real income of the population has been declining for more than 19 consecutive months, recalls adviser to the Institute of Contemporary Development Nikita Maslennikov, retail trade turnover - over 17 months. "This is the absolute record for the duration of the fall," - said the expert. 

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