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Sensitive embezzlement of budgetary funds

As found by the auditors, 1.6 billion rubles allocated from the Russian budget for the innovation city will receive the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.The tripartite agreement between the Fund "Skolkovo", Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the independent non-profit organization "Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology" (SINT, Skolkovo Tech) has been concluded with violations of Russian law. To such conclusions the auditors of the Accounting Chamber, which last fall to inspect the activities of "Skolkovo" Foundation. Besides the government, instead of financing the national innovation cluster, instructed to allocate 1.6 billion rubles in the form of grants to Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As a significant amount of data, "Izvestia" revealed violations in the "Skolkovo" activity has led to the fact that the Audit Board to classify data auditors check.

In February this year a short report on the audit of the auditors carried out the federal budget was published on the website of the Accounting Chamber, aimed at the establishment and operation of the innovation center "Skolkovo". Then, the auditors noted that the budget for the "Skolkovo" has been spent 31.6 billion rubles. The audit showed the absence of subsidies on the innovation city specific targets in relation to the timing of their implementation. "This creates a risk assessment of the reliability of their effectiveness," - noted in the joint venture, no other comments were published.According to the news report of the auditors was under the "classified" due to detected violations in the financing of "Skolkovo".- Auditors' Report on the "Skolkovo" has been kept secret and is not ranked public access, - said a source in the Chamber of Accounts. According to him, the auditors were pressured - "the government put pressure on the joint venture and will do everything so that the report has not been published and it became known that the budget money allocated for the Skolkovo go to the United States in the form of grant funding at the Massachusetts Institute". Officials confirmed the joint venture "Izvestia" that on this audit report held under the "classified"."Izvestia" managed to get a full account verification "Skolkovo", including the "secret" part. According to the auditors, under the agreement signed in September 2010 between the "Skolkovo" and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the American side has undertaken obligations to develop the concept of an international research institute and the establishment of an appropriate "road map", and the Russian side pledged to compensate MIT costs. As a result, according to the auditors, MIT for this work was $ 7.5 million Of this amount, more than $ 5.5 million - repayment of US partners costs, and $ 2 million - the remuneration of MIT. "In the original version of the agreement it was about $ 2.5 million, which the MIT was to receive, but then the amount was increased three times by additional agreement signed in March 2011", - said in a statement the joint venture.- Ability to control the American Institute of spending was in fact excluded, - the auditors say.In October 2011, it entered into a new agreement between the MIT, "Skolkovo" and SINT which already featured other amounts, but the control of the American side, the cost was still not established.Under this treaty, the Russian Fund should provide funding for the US side in the amount of $ 302.5 million - directly or through a third party. A large part of the sum, $ 152 million, was to go to increase the capacity of MIT, and only $ 150.5 million - the creation of "Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology." In this first part of the amount that was in the form of grant support, MIT was entitled to use at its discretion - including for purposes not related to the cooperation with "Skolkovo". The second part of the same amount should be transferred to MIT as grants. According to the auditors, the Russian side has not demanded from MIT even financial participation in the project. Were allocated $ 300 million all auditors in the report did not specify.The total amount allocated to "Skolkovo" funds that may eventually go to finance the American science, according to their data, can significantly increase. As noted in a secret report, in 2011, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev instructed the Finance Ministry to ensure the "Skolkovo" provision in 2011-2013. funds in the amount of up to 9 billion rubles. A supplementary agreement dated October 2011 between the Ministry of Finance and "Skolkovo" Provision is MIT 'in the framework of joint activities "1.6 billion rubles.Moreover, representatives of the Accounting Chamber noted that the tripartite agreement (between MIT, Skolkovo and SINT) which was approved by Dmitry Medvedev (who at that time was the president of the country), contrary to Russian law. "The agreement was signed only in English, and the translation of this document in the Fund was absent, which contradicts the norms of the Russian law", - the auditors noted.Representatives of the Accounting Chamber is also concerned about the possibility of uncontrolled use of funds allocated by the American side.In the "Skolkovo" stated that the approved Accounting Chamber Board report on the control measures are no questions to the agreement on the creation of Skolkovo Tech is not contained.- The said document is not put in question the compatibility of the agreement with MIT Russian legislation. As regards the timing and operation of our university, the project is being implemented strictly within the framework of the approved plan, - he told "Izvestia" the vice-president of the "Skolkovo" Alexander Chernov. The American MIT at the request of "Izvestia" have not responded.At the same time Vice-President for the management and development of the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology Alexey Sitnikov he confirmed that the agreement between the "Skolkovo" and MIT signed in English, but does not agree with the auditors that this is contrary to Russian law.- Agreement exists, it is true. He signed in the English language between Ckoltehom, MIT and the Fund "Skolkovo". Certified translation of the document exists, but English is the main language of the contract. If there is a discrepancy between the English version of the Russian, then in our main contract language is English. This does not contradict the Russian legislation. He noted that none of the members of the tripartite agreement does not comment on matters related to the amount of the contract and any payments, as this information is confidential.- I can only say that the agreement is not a grant agreement and not an agreement on the gratuitous provision of services, as the MIT is the NCO and can not provide commercial services. This cooperation agreement, which outlines joint efforts to build Skolkovo Tech. American Institute assists us in several areas, which are clearly indicated in the document and on it there is a harmonized reporting form, which gives the MIT - Sitnikov said.According to experts, the controlling department claims can seriously complicate Russian innograda partnership with MIT and with other international research centers, as well as interest to law enforcement authorities, which can start checking the implementation of the agreement and all the circumstances of his appearance.- The requirements of the Accounting Chamber, within its powers are binding, but the main thing in this situation - whether the activity has caused the "Skolkovo" damage to the state or not - says lawyer Victor Naumov.Investment Holding Finam analyst Vladislav Isaev noted that the signed agreement, regardless of whether it has caused harm to the Russian side or not, will look like a "dirty deal" in terms of the American political establishment. And it is, he said, could be disrupted at any moment. In this case, the "Skolkovo" will lose all the money transferred to the Americans.- The MIT on this deal went due to the difficult financial situation. "Skolkovo" gave a kind of "bribe" to get in return for technological partnership, - says the analyst.According to experts such payments by the American scientist who made the "Skolkovo" guide besmyslenno, since no one in the US or Europe does not seek to promote the Russian scientific and technical progress.In February this year it was reported that that the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR) is conducting an investigation on suspicion of misuse of funds at the innovation center "Skolkovo". According to investigators, 3.5 billion rubles from the budget intended for the development of Science City, instead of its intended purpose for a long time kept in the accounts Metcombank, the ultimate beneficiary of which is the President of the Fund "Skolkovo" Viktor Vekselberg. Representatives of the TFR is suspected that the bank put money into circulation, whereby interested parties received illegal profits.

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