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понедельник, 18 июля 2016 г.

There's no money, you are there stay ...

   July 8, 2016Bangladesh will receive from the Russian loan of $ 11 billionRussia approved a loan for Bangladesh in the amount of 11.38 billion dollars. The funds will be spent on the construction of nuclear power plants "Ruppur". Another 2.2 billion euros in the form of a loan receive Iran.Russia to allocate the state of Bangladesh a loan of $ 11.38 billion. This money will be spent on construction of a nuclear power plant, reports "Interfax".The station will be built on the Russian project on the shores of the Ganges, in 160 kilometers from the capital Dhaka. The pouring of the first concrete at the plant "Ruppur" "Rosatom" plans in the summer of 2017.

Just Russia will provide loans of 2.2 billion euros to Iran. The funds will be spent on construction of thermal power plants and the electrification of the railways. Agreement on the allocation of credit to Iran has been approved by the government last week.Iranian project envisages the electrification of the railway line Garmsar - Ince Burun length of 495 kilometers. There will be electrified 32 stations and 95 tunnels were constructed seven traction substations and 11 stations partitioning duty 6 points of contact network and the building of power distance. Implementation of the project will take about three years. TPP 1400 MW will be built in Bendres Abbas.

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