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понедельник, 18 июля 2016 г.

As lie experts from the HSE and what to do.

The economy needed a shake-upThe government was forced to implement reforms
The Russian economy will develop in the inertial scenario. Lack of reforms will lead to a recession, experts believe half surveyed the Higher School of Economics (HSE), more than a third expect a long stagnation.
Under the rule of the financial oligarchy (only in the near future, bankers have stolen 550 billion rubles), in the power of the plutocracy, unprecedented corruption and arbitrariness of officials at all levels, as well as lackeys of the HSE, to develop, and even simply can not live.

The government, forced to operate in conditions of western limits and low oil prices, is not ready to make any changes in its economic policy, the head of the HSE - rector Yaroslav Kuz'minov, scientific director Yevgeny Yasin and director of the center Natalia Akindinova. In their opinion, in the coming years, the reforms will be carried out not because the changes are not ready to different groups of society. But inertia suits everyone, write "Vedomosti".

Write "Sheets" means it is! Scientists! But ask yourself, honestly: Are you satisfied with the rising prices, falling wages, growth of utility bills? I think no. And not satisfied with the majority, but in fact, write "Vedomosti"! Here is a sample of the people sell.
The period of rapid economic growth in the 2000s. contributed to the consolidation of the "bad" state institutions: the paternalism in the social sector, high inflation, "offshore capitalism", explain the authors of the report.

Oh, those Yasin, Kuzmin and Akindinova still those experts. Navrut with three boxes and not even blush. The rapid growth of the economy, for some reason, have not allowed close to the 1985 level !!! What is that such rapid growth?

The growth contributed to the consolidation of the institutions of bad! How's that? I must say that these pseudo-scientists nonsense disassemble difficult, but it must be done. And most importantly of paternalism in the social sphere !!! What is it like? $ 175 pension - this is paternalism !!!!!!! Pensioners stripped as sticky and paternalism. Medicine was killed, collecting insurance, taxes and paternalism. Disabled people in poverty is also paternalism! In Germany, 10 high school students in 9 study at public expense, and in Russia from 10 only 4 and is in the Russian high paternalism! Inflation is the result of the financial policy of the spouses Kuzmina Nabiullina and the institutions created by it and Yasin supervised. Inflation is not the result of bad institutions, and the consequences of the rule of the oligarchy in the economy and pseudo-scientists like Yasin and his entire gang from the Higher School of Economics, in Science. Offshore capitalism is the fruit of all the liberal and eltsinoidov gang entrenched around the Kremlin.
In exchange for guaranteed social benefits to the population puts the power of her comfortable electoral requirements, that does not give hope for reform, involving the growth of citizens' responsibility.
Rogues of the HSE can not speak right, and all around it. Therefore, and write that if again not rob people, do not take away the last $ 175 pension, the people will not be socially responsible. It would be to deprive the HSE and the long-budget financing to at least a little involved brains data figures. And generally degraded to the animal level.
Double-digit price growth have become commonplace, and business accustomed to the high expectations of profitability. In addition, excess profit compensate for higher risks for business in Russia, which serves as a hedge against asset stripping in the offshore. Instead of having this opportunity small business goes into the shadows.
Growth rates by themselves do not arise, and have certain patterns that are just a little bit aware of the laws of economics is quite clear.
Meanwhile, the government is not much time for the existence of inertia in time, a year or two, until exhausted reserves, replacing the oil and gas rents, said Kuzmin. The result of the reforms will be delayed a decade of stagnation with growth rates of up to 3%.
Director of the School of Economics and Kuzminovu doctor of any science would be worth to learn that RENT - THIS TITLE apply to part of the income of the profits. There can be no oil and gas rents.
According to calculations of the HSE, already by 2018 the cost of social programs in real terms decreased by 30-35%, to the level of 2006. Reducing the volume and quality of public services will lead to the degradation of the educational and cultural level of the people, increase morbidity and mortality. And the attempt to balance the pension system without reforming it gradually devalue the pension obligations of the state and the country will return to the days of mass poverty, experts warn.
According to them, the inertia will negate all the positive results of the social policies of President Vladimir Putin, which formed the basis of his social and political support.
Awareness of these risks may prompt authorities to reform, hoping at the HSE. legitimate institutions of co-nationals social benefits will be created, including a contributory pension. Perhaps the increase in the tax burden on high-yield groups of citizens. Russia will have to choose between the "fair market economy" and the effectiveness of the social sphere, defining a more rapid growth, experts conclude.
The government, of course, understand the possible risks. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, speaking with a report on the government's work in the State Duma on Tuesday, April 19 reported that the task of creating a "new economy". However, it is assured that the government will not implement reforms that can have a negative impact on the country's citizens.
It is expected that the country's new economic program will train the ex-Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, who will chair the Council of the Center for Strategic Research.Sergey WINDS
10:34, 21.04.2016
We rattled off a bunch of nonsense, and the output and not worth a jigger. All in the same manner and with the same scarcity mindset. Simply put experts suggest rob citizens today, because tomorrow will be worse. And first of all funded pension run !!!! Thus, the citizens have hoarded, and the state took and requisitioned these funds. Or in the HSE do not know? Raising taxes is not new for the country will not work, because the level of stripping budget funds several times higher than the level of additional revenue. The old bottles new wine is not poured.Now that really needs to be done.Open letter of Ekaterinburg citizensAutonomous Nonprofit Organization
"The Committee to protect the rights of owners of residential premises
apartment houses Ekaterinburg "
620014, Ekaterinburg, ul. Radishchev, 28 Tel: 381-44-54; 8-912-614-52-01,
8-929-216-16-58, E-mail: u701@e66.ru

Russian President
VV Putin
Chairman of the State Duma
Russian Federation
Naryshkin SE

Chairman of the Federation Council
Legislative Assembly of the Russian Federation
Matvienko VI

Chairman of the Russian Government
DA Medvedev
Yekaterinburg city citizens

We, citizens of the Russian Federation, representatives of different political parties and public organizations, workers and employees, pensioners and young people do not agree with the course of political and economic reforms, which continue to hold the President and the Russian government, as this course is aimed at liberalizing the economy and usurpation power narrow circle of people, leading to the impoverishment of the people, the economy - to the decline, and Russia - to collapse.
All the years of liberal reforms there is a violation of constitutional rights of citizens, the increase in crime against the state and the person, infringement of workers' interests, falling living standards and the increase of oligarchic capital. And today, once again hear statements about the growth of tariffs for gas and electricity, increasing the retirement age, the limitation of social guarantees and observed in consumer prices steady growth. Further it can not continue, because we are not indifferent to our fate, the fate of our children, and we will not remain indifferent to the destruction of our country for the sake of the predatory interests of capital. Despite our repeated requests to change course taken in the destruction of the state, and to stop a policy in the interests of the financial oligarchy, the President, in spite of the oath which they Russian people, and the government continues to destructive reforms to cut the rights of citizens in government, reducing life levels and social guarantees. This policy is the distribution of national wealth by the bottomless pockets of oligarchic capital has turned to the country and its people, huge losses both in human and in purely material potential. But the lessons are not learned. We remind that according to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the only source of power is its people, and nobody has the right to usurp power in the country and ignore the demands of the people. Based on the rights enshrined by the Constitution of the RF current (. Article 3, 7, 15, 19, 31, 32, 42, 45, 75), we demand and we urge every sensible citizen to accede to these demands, to:
1.Prezident Russian Federation to ensure the full and throughout the country, respect for the rights and freedoms of citizens guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Perjurers-klyatvootstupniki do not have the right to occupy high positions in the state.

2. The heads of all government agencies and municipalities not to issue regulations that contradict the Russian Constitution and the federal law and not legislate, worsening the situation of the citizens.
3. To consider changes to the Russian Constitution without a referendum, the assignment of powers and the seizure of power with the appropriate consequences.
4. The legislation of the Russian Federation to provide citizens realization of their constitutional rights to participate in government through elections and referendums.
5. Revise the legislation on elections to the State Duma and other representative bodies by moving from a proportional system to the majority, since the proportional system violated the rights of citizens in accordance with Art. 19 and 32 of the Constitution.
6. Restore the direct election of governors, mayors and heads of regional and municipal entities, to stop any attempt to restrict the rights of citizens to elect leaders at all levels. Outlaw so-called city managers.
7. To ensure the mandatory inclusion of civil society representatives in the election commissions of all levels, than to promote democracy and transparency of their work.

8. The structure of the executive to shape the legislative bodies, to conduct constant monitoring of its activities, go to a unicameral parliament, which should form the government.
9. To recognize as valid only those elections, which were attended by not less than 51% of voters.10. Return the ballot column "against all".
11. The term of office of the President to leave according to the current Constitution, adopted at the national discussion - for four years.
12. Stop the persecution of citizens for political reasons and beliefs. Release all political prisoners.
13. Restore the constitutional rights of citizens to hold rallies, meetings, marches, to review those elected to public office, with the loss of voter confidence in them.
14. The members of the Russian Government carried administrative, civil and criminal responsibility for the quality of life of the people, including - environment, food, health care and education on the basis of Art. 19 of the Constitution.
15. Enter the election of the people for three years at all levels of judges. If the judges are not elected by the people, they are opting for the people.
16. Return the Prosecutor's right to oversee compliance with the law and the right to the cancellation of court decisions in the exercise of supervisory powers and violations of the current legislation by the courts.
17. Provide self-government of municipalities on the merits and strictly prevent any attempts usurpation of power by the party and the administrative authorities. Local authorities are obliged to act in the interests of citizens, rather than individual business communities.
18. Establish the Decree of President of the State Commission for revision of privatization results predatory period of the 90s and return to state ownership of illegally expropriated property with criminal responsibility of all those involved in the predatory privatization.
19. nationalize the financial and banking system with the provision of affordable credit for all subjects and all kinds of economic and business activities. The financial and banking system to control deputies.
20. Immediately stop the sale of the remnants of state property and to ensure that state-owned enterprises received revenues to the state budget. The country needs democratization, rather than liberalization.
21. Immediately discontinue the practice of business support by means of the budget. Any entrepreneur should be able to obtain a bank loan on the same terms. The state budget must be used for the benefit of the citizens and not for the enrichment of the individual business.
22. Enter a progressive scale of taxation, completely freeing the citizens with an income of less than 15 000 rubles. per person from income tax. The flat tax scale contributes to the development of the state is not, and its robbery by exporting capital abroad.
23. Revise tax laws towards the protection of the domestic manufacturer and the living standards of working people. Tax legislation should be uniform, and common to all.
24. Discontinue the practice of VAT refund commodity companies, as it does not contribute to the development of the state economy, and stimulates the removal and loss of raw materials.
25. Immediately discontinue the practice of annual increase in tariffs for gas, energy resources and untwist inflation in the interests of the financial oligarchy and raw magnates and bureaucrats. Put the increase in tariffs and inflation outlawed and considered as a crime against the people and the state, since it destroys the single economic environment and leads to the impoverishment of the population.
26. To improve migration legislation in the interests of the indigenous population. In Russia, enough of their labor for the reconstruction of the country and its further development. Uncontrolled migration increases unemployment, creates the crime situation and cost Russia too much, as it pushes the technological and technical lagging behind the developed countries, and leads to social explosions. Head of the Federal Migration Service Romodanovsky action KO release from his position as a not cope with the responsibilities of the flooding of the country illegal migrants.
27. The maternal and child welfare in order to improve the demographic situation in the country, providing a number of laws to ensure favorable conditions for the birth and upbringing of children (accommodation, material support, childbirth and health care, social protection). To take a series of urgent measures to support single mothers by increasing benefits for the child, the opening-night free nurseries and providing a place in a hostel. Set the size of the child allowance is not less than the minimum subsistence level.
28. Cancel the law on transplantation of organs from people who died in the accident, without the consent of their relatives as organ transplantation has become the subject of business and in conditions of anarchy is a threat to the life of every citizen.
29. To take a series of measures to strengthen the accountability of civil servants for failure to perform their duties to protect the public health (control of quality of food, water, medicines, shelter security, transport) and the preservation of environment-friendly living environment. In establishing the intentional violation of the Constitution and federal law officials should be removed from his post. The state should be responsible for the health of their people and to carry out preventive measures to prevent diseases. The state should not be aimed only at making a profit, and the enrichment of a handful of bankers and the higher bureaucracy. Profit for profit - a dead-end path of development.
30. Cancel the forced collection of funds in advance for capital repairs of apartment buildings without the decision of the general meeting of owners of premises in the house on his conduct, signed contracts and agreed budgets.
31. The legislation to prohibit the deprivation of citizens of subsidies for the debt without a court order.
32. The legislation to ban the creation of all sorts of intermediaries in the provision of public services and pay for these services, and all of the existing intermediary structures, such as a unified processing centers, eliminate (abolish).

33. Обеспечить гражданам реальную свободу в соответствии с Конституцией  путем предоставления эфирного времени, газетных полос и других средств  массовой информации, финансируемых за счет бюджетных средств.

34. Законодательно закрепить и неукоснительно применять конфискацию  всего имущества у лиц, осужденных по коррупционным делам.

35. Ввести единую для ВСЕХ граждан (в том числе для чиновников всех рангов и депутатов всех  уровней) пенсионную систему, разработанную Р. А. Варнавской, и  довести уровень пенсионного обеспечения до уровня советских пенсионеров. Нет геноциду в виде двух пенсионных систем!

36. Вернуть долги гражданам России за обесцененные вклады, начиная с  1991 года.

Только поступательное движение к расширению прав народа на  его непосредственное участие в управлении государством способно преодолеть пороки того государства, которое сформировалось на обломках СССР, и вывести его из затяжного политического и экономического кризиса. Только такое  направление движения и следует признать истинной демократизацией.

 Принято единогласно на расширенном заседании

Комитета по защите прав  собственников жилых помещений

многоквартирных домов Екатеринбурга  18.04.2013 г.

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