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суббота, 30 июля 2016 г.

Domestic policy oligarchic state

How willing to save budget funds?The Russians will work until the end of the retirement age is about to enhanceThe Ministry of Finance proposed to raise the retirement age already in 2016. In the department felt that such a measure will save the budget fairly large sum for three years.
As explained by a senior federal official, "is not just a desire to the Ministry of Finance, it is seriously discussed at the meeting, it was supported by many officials." Among other savings options proposed indexation of pensions by only 4%, the rejection of payments to working pensioners with an annual income of 500 thousand. Rub., Or reducing indexation of salaries of state employees and military personnel.

Depending on the speed of raising the retirement age (six months or one year in the year to 65 years for women and men), the savings can range from 620 billion to 1.3 trillion rubles., The official said.On Thursday, 17 September, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev will hold a meeting of ministers on budget. In one of the latest versions of the budget projections have estimates that by the beginning of 2017 the Reserve Fund will be slightly more than 0.5 trillion rubles. and consumption will SWF funds. In 2018 it had been exhausted and they have.To resort to the financing of the budget deficit means the NWF is not wanted, the Finance Ministry reported. "If the choice is between the exhaustion of the funds, including SWF, and equity financing, of course, better than the first", - said a senior official.But even this does not solve the problem of shortage: the $ 50 per barrel it for 2016 - 2018. exceed 8 trillion rubles, if not to reduce costs, it follows from the calculations the Ministry of Finance, including in 2018 -. 2.2 trillion rubles.As a cost-saving measures Finance Ministry proposes to increase the retirement age already from 2016. Savings from this - from 620 billion to 1.3 trillion rubles. three years depending upon the rise rate: six months or one year, a year, up to 65 years for men and women.Another alternative - increasing the state debt, on the compromise agreed upon by all departments, said two senior officials and two officials from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.You can do without spending cuts, said Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev: it is necessary to increase the national debt. According to his estimates, in 2016 it is realistic to increase loans to 1 trillion rubles., Which is almost twice as much as 1.1 trillion rubles., Provided ONBP. They adjusted the parameters of the budget years 2015-2017, approved by law, including more than a third of the former increased for 2016 borrowing plan of slightly less than one-third - in 2017.In late July, the Minister of Labor and Social Protection Maxim Topilin reported that since January 1, 2016 the retirement age will be raised to the officials. Earlier the Ministry of Labour has prepared a bill to raise the retirement age for civil servants, which implies a change in the monthly surcharge for retirement.
In June, at a meeting of the government as a whole it approved the draft "Guidelines for the fiscal policy for 2016 and the planning period of 2017 - 2018". It states that the retirement age could be the same for men and women, rising gradually to 63 years.Gregory COLD11:31 17/09/2015
Like stealing budget funds?State-owned companies held in the ravaged "BFG-Credit" seven billion rubles
Commercial organizations are in federal ownership, are deprived of the accounts of the bank's license "BFG-Credit" means the sum of 7.35 billion rubles. On Wednesday, July 27, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the credit reporting agencies. At the same time, most of these public institutions belong to the media.It also reported that a variety of media in the amount stored in the bank accounts of about 10 billion rubles.As analysts polled by the agency noted, due to the fact that the hole in the bank's capital amounts to 50 billion rubles, it is doubtful that the third stage of the creditors (including government agencies) will be able to get anything.The Bank of Russia before July 27 confirmed the presence of a hole in the bank's balance sheet, assessing it at about 40 billion rubles.Central Bank revoked the license of "BFG-Credit" in the morning on 27 July. According to the regulator, with the poor quality of assets the bank adequately evaluated the risks taken. Capital adequacy ratio of the credit institution has fallen below two per cent, the equity has fallen below the authorized capital.Private investors "BFG-Credit" has already received 21 billion rubles of compensation, which is 95.7 percent of the total amount of compensation. Payments provided 43 thousand clients of the credit institution.

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