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суббота, 30 июля 2016 г.

"The ruble stiffens - life becomes more expensive"

 Is it really strong: the ruble could no longer ignore the oil
Oil prices continue to decline, which has a significant impact on the Russian currency.According to the US Department of Energy, oil inventories in the country continue to decline for 9 consecutive week, but overall stocks are at historic highs. In addition, recently has been steadily growing number of drilling units working and at the same time, and production level. For the week, oil production rose to 8.49 million barrels a day.Investment Holding Finam analyst Bogdan Zvarych said FBA "Economy Today" the situation on the oil market and its impact is on the Russian currency.

"If we talk about the market dynamics of energy, it is worth noting that oil prices have continued their negative trend. In fact they have fallen from the highs already more than 11%. Now, market participants, playing on the slide, trying to push the local support, located on a loss of $ 46 and it will signal the breakdown of the possibility of further decline. One of the first goals might be the level of 42.5 dollars per barrel.
Ruble able to ignore the negative dynamics of oil prices for a long time. On the reduction of prices for black gold ruble was trading at its highs. Now the trend has changed and can be observed in the last few days quite confident the upward trend of the dollar and the euro against the ruble.If we consider the dynamics of the ruble-dollar pair, it is worth noting that already overcome great resistance, located at the level of 63.5 rubles. Now the dollar went up to the next important mark - is 65 rubles. Her breakdown of the dollar will open the way to the level of 67 rubles per unit of US currency. Considering the main scenario in the framework of the oil price, the dollar probably will in the coming weeks to reach the level of 67 rubles.One of the most important factors for the energy market - this is the US oil inventory data that the Department of Energy publishes every Wednesday. These data not only players look for stocks, but also the dynamics of the production in the United States.It is worth noting the data that go in the amount 20.30 rigs operating in the USA. The recent increase after a very long decline that lasted for several years. Number of drilling rigs began to grow in recent years and this is a harbinger of growth of oil production in the United States, which will increase the supply of oil on the world market and will put pressure on prices. In anticipation of this, investors are now looking negatively on oil prices.The fall in oil prices will not stop until the increase in the number of drilling, because many companies hedge their risks by selling futures contracts and, accordingly, even if prices fall, have the ability to sell oil at a price above $ 50 a barrel. "Source: rueconomics.ru  

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