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понедельник, 20 апреля 2015 г.

Chubaysizatsiya national economy continues

 Chubais and Vekselberg put forward by the government in the management of "Rusnano"The government has proposed a list of candidates for election to the Board of Directors and the Audit Commission of JSC "RUSNANO", said on Friday, April 17, the official website of the Cabinet.Among the representatives of the government - the current Chairman of the Board of JSC "RUSNANO" Anatoly Chubais. We also propose the candidature of Viktor Vekselberg: businessman mentioned in the list as president of the nonprofit organization "Centre for Development and commercialization of new technologies."

Why effective manager was unable to remove Russia from the "oil needle"Among the other candidates - former Deputy Economic Development Minister Andrei Klepach, currently holding the position of deputy chairman of "Vnesheconombank", and Deputy mayor Oleg Fomichev.State Corporation "Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies" was established in July 2007. The first of the other state corporations completed the reorganization and March 11, 2011 re-registered as an open joint-stock company "RUSNANO".The main objective of the company - to promote the development of high-tech industries in Russia.Anatoly Chubais recently went through a losing streak: it recently sued the investors of the project Nitol, and attempt to start the production of polysilicon brought no profit. The company "Renova" Viktor Vekselberg, in contrast, has invested in a factory for the production of solar cells.

Degeneration generation
Solve this problem come from "predators"."Predator", however, to call them only newspaper,and even then not all (some even suggest themas sons of the fatherland); they themselves yourselfin the home, they are referred to as "dealers"and in the comic tone - bigwigs.Saltykov-Shchedrin
Everybody remembers some breakdown, which happened with Viktor Zubkov, when he was head of the government, "Chubais insolent!" - Suddenly announced to the world the head of government. (Actually, to be honest, it's long been known, but not all were resolved to speak so frankly). Soon he, by a strange coincidence, ceased to be head of government.Although, in fact, was more than human: in the resulting supermonopolies when Chubais divided into fiefdoms RAO UES and gave the resulting patrimony to his people together attached to them serfs, all the questions - including questions about the welfare management - are solved by increasing prices.Chubais gave away large chunks of UES, the move rejecting small owners. At the same time he made - who would have thought! - And against the continuation of privatization. Although, it would be natural that have privatization beginning, not at the end of privatization.You have not forgotten yet, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, as many publications and broadcasting screaming: let crooks snatch! Here there will be rich - and decide all questions !! And on the earth will come the kingdom of heaven !!!And then there were the rich, but prefer to resolve issues at the expense of the poor.
Any whole medieval feudal states. The structure of monsters TGC-6, for example, includes companies of Nizhny Novgorod, Vladimir, Ivanovo, Penza, and the Republic of Mordovia. Capitalization of this monster on the MICEX in mid-June of 2008 - 32.2 billion rubles. = Annual budget of the Penza region.In turn, TGK-6, together with TGK-5, TGK-7 and TGK-9 are included in the "IES-Holding" Vekselberg companies "Renova". "Renova" company, established in late 2002, manages all Energosbyt Urals and the Volga region, with more than 60 thousand clients. Legal and 10 million individuals. This is the fifth power company in Russia. Were heroes among mayors, trying to fight the hydra, but as with sadistic pleasure told people "six" new masters of energy, they were quickly extinguished.In this patriotic authorities widened the door for plundering the country by foreigners. (Eternal Song: our country is great and rich, but that is not got no foreign aid, there is no salvation without the Germans! The one that stole). Finnish energy company "Fortum", for example, owns a 25.7% stake in the Russian territorial generating company TGK-1 and 98% of TGC-10 (JSC "Fortum").The main shareholders of TGK-6 as at 20 May 2011:"Inter RAO UES" (26.08%)Jamica Ltd (19,53%)Primagate Trading Ltd (18,41%)Integrated Energy Systems Ltd (13,15%)Merol Trading Ltd (8,95%)

Influential people were promised that the industry shake-up will reduce the prices of electricity, to attract capital investment and, more importantly, that "private power producers will be competing for the consumer." Not much time it took to Head of Department of the Ministry of Energy Electricity Vasily Nikonov promised that in 2011 the government will send to support the Russian power industry about 1.06 trillion rubles, and the next year the amount of state injections grow to 1.13 trillion rubles. In 2010, the industry received 690 billion rubles. Which once again confirms the spell gentlemen liberals "private always works." If the state will throw some money. It's funny, sir! Costs are paid by the state, and the profit goes into the pockets of individuals and are embodied in the golden bowls and bags of leather rarest animals. On the "hundreds of billions of rubles received due to the privatization of energy," Influential People suddenly immediately forgotten. The fastest way to forget, of course, those in whose pockets settled these billions. A perfect example of "public-private partnership"!
Today the same thing about brazen Chubais, only polite, says Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. He even gave another indication to observe the tariffs. According to an old bike, which had because of its vulgarity in his time a great success for the farthest points of the Far Eastern Military District, watching watching gives much more impressive than personal involvement.Vladimir Vladimirovich and tries to comply with the innocence and acquire capital (political), and therefore raise prices once again permits, but not as much as hungering monopolists.Dopovyshalis to the fact that electricity is sold to China is cheaper than its own inhabitants? So half a billion Chinese, unlike the Russians by the throat and not take the eviction will not intimidate; In addition, China is working NEP. This means that it is not a monopoly run by the state, and vice versa. Tales about "commercially reasonable rates" do not go there.
Ultimately, both gosdeyatelya agree with Lenin, who said: "Any monopoly leads to decay." "Since established, at least temporarily, monopoly prices, insofar disappear to some extent the technical motives, and, consequently, to any other progress, moving forward; so far is further economic opportunity artificially delaying technological progress. " Lenin cites the example of the invention, an American Owens bottle machine, the use of which was to radically improve the manufacturing technology of the bottle. However, the German cartel bottle manufacturers, seeing in this invention is a great danger in reducing the monopoly price, hurried to buy patents and delayed their use.
Results of the national economy chubaysizatsiiTake care about the welfare of the city whereI will carry you, and pray for him to the Lord;for in the peace thereof shall ye have peace.(Ier.29.7)

However, let us return to our sheep. Who head monopolies. It would seem now that Chubais genius created a "market" energy, one would expect the heyday of the national economy, sciences, arts and crafts. Not a bit of it, sir! In the case of electricity and heat from the CHP oppressed not only workers, but also a much larger segment of the population. Not only begin to oppress class brothers - small and medium-sized owners and entrepreneurs, as well as in general the whole national economy, which can not fully develop at current pricing for electricity and heating. Connecting businesses now - it is complicated, expensive, long, costly and unpredictable.
Result: very fast rates of heat and electricity reach the size where entrepreneurs can not buy them. And businesses are beginning to close, and the consumption of heat and electricity, respectively, decrease.
The closer the matter to the destruction of the industry became more unpleasant situation. Indicators of the Penza region for the period 2005-08. "Production, transmission and distribution of electricity." Over three years have seen a drop in production of electricity. In the share of the regional economy (see "Cost of production") - from 12.1% to 6.2%.
It was, was ...The fruits of holiness, known as love,joy, peace, patience, kindness,goodness, faith, meekness, temperance.(Galatians 5: 22-23)
Use waste heat power plants and in the USSR. For example, next to the CHP-1 plant was built aerated concrete (later renamed the plant efficiency). Or do you think, just like in the Soviet Union were able to begin mass construction of cheap housing? However, the need for cheap local building materials again recalled after five years of perestroika and twenty years of turmoil in the economy. Who would have thought that without them it is impossible to provide housing for all who need it!And when the plant efficiency was ruined completely liberal-minded little people who were guided by the rule "you die today, and I - tomorrow", and that "tomorrow" came, it was nowhere to put the waste heat. Had to "negotiate" with the authorities, which are connected to the goodness of his heart CHP everything they could. First of all, houses and public institutions. And now for the debts of the city close to the heating billion. (According to the country 900 billion. Debt for heating). The available boiler closed. Those who were in the basement - under the pretext of protecting residents from the threat of terrorism, and those that can not be closed for this reason, closed in English - just silence. Heating costs soared.They have funds for the purchase of modern heating equipment not. Money at all no matter what, any medication, or for housing for young families. But outside heat - is.
Dmitry Anatolyevich was incredibly surprised when he was told that the heat production in Russia declined from 1991 to five times. Except steam, which goes to the whistle channels. This production has increased.
Just comes to jokes - and, as we see, sometimes comes to himself: - companies refuse to supply heat and power from within their fences CHP transferred Chubais, and build their own power. In Moscow there are houses with heating and electricity from its own mini-CHP.

It should make a reservation that everything new that appears in the energy sector, there is no thanks to Chubais, and contrary. Any modern power he had built.Even notebooks chubaysolyuby somehow snikli and did not strive at every opportunity uschekotat his idol; so sometimes snarls with crooked grin: yes, Chubais to blame, bring down everything in it. They, too, for living space otmusolivat necessary ...Yes, and I was blown away by Anatoly Borisovich: already on the charity of his millions are not detachable (on ruble rates will increase - give a penny to charity), praises himself ("this head, but ..."). People-then we know what - certainly agree: "The head of clever, but a fool has got."

And they have?"Socialist intellectualsOnly then can count onproductive work, when finished withillusions and will be to seek support inreality, and not a desirabledevelopment of Russia, in reality,not possible socio-economiccal relations. "Lenin
Mr. Chubais when teeter on abroad is obviously extremely busy meeting and conversation: he had no time to look, as heated Courchevel. Well, see for yourself.In the Czech Republic, which are widely introduced the most advanced installation Caterpillar; they produce electricity in the 3 - 4 times cheaper than the existing centralized energy prices, and the resulting production of electricity when the heat turns all free!It and we, as taught in Soviet times in the Construction university, was and is the waste production, and therefore flat fee was 7 rubles. per month. For comparison: the accounts of the Russian family for heating (ie waste) ten times superior to the electricity bills and can be all kinds of income.In Europe generally live miser and scrimping: extra inches of the pipe does not pave all count, count and cheated. They are not guided by the Russian scale and breadth of soul, where the road from the CHP plant to the consumer loses half heat. We know how to cheat the energy in only one sense.These settings allow you to abandon the extremely pricey transmission lines, substations, heating systems, thus freeing up a significant number of people engaged in service for these networks. A plant with a capacity of 1 megawatt of electricity, gives the production of this very megawatts 1.3 megawatts HEAT. The payback period of such facilities shall not exceed three years for a total service life of the installation of 25 - 30 years, including the cost of the design, maintenance and scheduled repairs .. in the Czech Republic is the main private or municipal plant with capacity of 400 - 500 kW, supplying electricity and heat 3 - 5000 inhabitants.In other words, this kind of power plant built in Penza, for example, in the area of ​​greenhouse complex, not only would provide heat and light to people, and it would dramatically reduce the cost of vegetables in winter. But who built it?In case of using such plants in city reduced infrastructure costs approximately four times. Recall that the infrastructure - is that now strongly constrains housing. So it is a great joy posts Energy, they squeezed out of the developers tools to co-finance the next substation. These funds could be better spent: Investing in your pocket Chubais little bring to mankind.
Through the use of advanced solutions reduced the level of environmental pollution, fuel consumption, increased efficiency, the most boring people in the school years and continues to torment their efficiency to a great age, which is so not like to remember our power, and even more so to compare its efficiency with decent equipment countries.
From time to time, our energy plotting the media any nonsense in the form of the collection of children's stories about "kilovattika" to our childish gullible people believe: it is so necessary to save energy. But do not specify what this kilovattik costs. Especially since not compare the fuel consumption to receive it at home and abroad. (The most exciting generally appears in the media rarely, like the Queen of England in humans).Meanwhile, the number of startling. The overall efficiency of the plant Caterpillar - 90%, fuel efficiency, which more and more is not enough - 94% electrical efficiency, depending on the model, - 38 - 45%. As a result, heating of one square meter in Russia Razikov spent ten more conventional fuel than in Europe. It's time to move on pay-per signified at world prices.Wait, what Anatoly Borisovich abandon their networks as useless as we expect from a spider out of its native web. And all because the transmission of electricity and heat over long distances much of it (every fifth "kilovattik" and half of the heat) is used to heat the wires and the environment in general. Well, fans warm little hands on this warm enough in Russia. Previously, it was decided to expel students in the field to pick spikes for careless adults do not prepare properly harvesters, and now those same children are attracted to create the appearance of the struggle for saving electricity. "And there is nothing new under the sun!"
"I love our plans hulk!"I've always said that the heroes are born to great events.Catherine IIPetersburg 1770
Zachuyav situation personally governor of the Penza region V.K.Bochkarёv tolkanul rechugu, saying that they are bad, these suppliers of light and heat, not to make them private, to line their pockets, and for them to invest in new technologies and energy efficiency . And that in fact until the funds do not invest, and deflate. From the consumers. And achieved such success in this, that, in the apt observation governor has "not enough money to pay all utility services." He got to do as usual to do with it, sir! Subordinates his bad, and that's half the heat lost on the way to the consumer.The fact that he himself can invest in new technologies, the governor for some reason does not know. Allocated funds for his destruction of chemical weapons - a penny not spent on utilities. To celebrate the 350th anniversary of the city stand out - all on the same palaces ubuhali. As they say, the world of palaces, war huts. Than it will in the near future, these palaces to heat and light, as well as to contain - is not clear.Of course, language is easier to work: simple dug in the street and tell gullible boy with remote viewing of the need to increase productivity. The fact that you can put in automatic modular boilers that do not require stokers, Vasily Kuzmich even stutter avoided. About CHP, electricity which is four times cheaper than usual, and the hot water is supplied free of charge, not even a hint.
Meanwhile, on the page of the regional government, there are two spravochki; one under the bored breech called "Penza region TERRITORIAL PLANNING SCHEME", and the other -

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