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пятница, 17 апреля 2015 г.

With children pennies oligarch Mercedes

 Ministry of Labor proposed to abandon the 50-ruble child benefits Russian Ministry of Labour may cancel a number of children's allowances, according to TASS.Minister of Labour Maxim Topilin said that it is about 50 rubles paid monthly for children under three years "This benefit does not mean anything, and of course, it is necessary to take measures for its reform", - he said.Topilin also added that the agency stands for the transition from "categorical approach" to address benefit the needy."We need to look at the benefits that today we pay non-working women in childbirth. After all, there are so many families who have high incomes, "- said the Minister.

He said that the savings will be spent on social assistance to the needy.Presidential decree of 1994, it was found that mothers who are on leave to care for a child between the ages of one and a half to three years receive receive benefits from the federal budget in the amount of 50 rubles per month. Over the years, the amount is not indexed, and did not increase.
This is not the only benefit provided for mothers. Russians once receive from the federal budget maternity leave, which is calculated based on the amount of their income over the past two years. Also, the child's mother to three years receive a monthly allowance.In addition, in some areas there are additional payments to mothers.With 20,017 a year in Russia has a program of maternity capital. Parents of two or more children, as well as Russians who have adopted more than one child may qualify for 429,000 rubles, which can be made to improve the living conditions of families, pensions mother, the child's education, equipment housing facilities for disabled children. Action program will end December 31, 2016.

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