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пятница, 17 апреля 2015 г.

Obschedomovoe robbery

 In the Urals abolished fees for illegal obschedomovye needsA decision that could become a precedent, took Chelyabinsk Regional Court. He demanded that the management company returned the money to the owner of the apartment.Tenant failed to prove that he is not obliged to pay obschedomovye services which, by the way, sometimes more expensive than basic. Where together with water funneling money sorted out our correspondent Konstantin Krylov:Chelyabinsk Regional Court decision was a great gift not only for the district deputy and a pensioner who fought together with the management company for a fair price extra cubic meters of water, but almost all Russians - apartment owners. Pay for obschedomovye needs now is not necessary - at least, as much as require the utility.

Alexander Khomenko, pensioner: 'If room counters which I stand, I spend the water somewhere 8-9 cubes, the charges for obschedomovye needs far exceed - get 9-10 cubes. "Retired wondered - where the water is leaking? Wet cleaning the entrance twice a week and wash boiler - once a year. The neighbors in the payment figures were comparable - because obschedomovoy water flow divided by all tenants equally. Aleksandr Petrovich simply folded the amount of receipts.Alexander Khomenko, "It turned out that we spend a month on obschedomovye needs 1,080 cubic meters of water - is, roughly speaking, 17 rail tank cars. I was surprised that we have so pure wash porches that consume a large amount of water. "Alexei Kovalev, deputy Kalinin district council Chelyabinsk: "In short I would say that, in principle, for a two-bedroom apartment obschedomovye need to make three rubles instead of 200 as it is now charged. In fact in 2013, management companies and resursosnabzhayuschie organization charge a fee at inflated rates, and money, roughly speaking, people have stolen. "In the management company he handled many times and each time received replies. The statement of the prosecutor's office said the pensioner, confirming that violated the rights of tenants, as well as rules of public services, approved by the Government in July 2013.Natsievskaya Eugene, a spokesman for the Chelyabinsk Regional Court: "The house is equipped with a common house metering devices, the fee can not be more than the amount of payment for the same needs, calculated in accordance with the rate of consumption, that is, if the counters the house is not installed. The defendant had no reason to charge a fee for this service, as it puts owners in homes equipped obschedomovyh metering devices in a worse position compared with the tenants in the house, not equipped with this counter. "To pay the common parts is greater than the norm, there is no obligation - if only tenants themselves at the general meeting did not take such a decision. Until then deal with leaks of losses should the management company - that is work, not just to collect money. This should encourage public utilities to more effectively manage - that was the main purpose of housing reform. It is possible that all over the country come to be expected wave of similar lawsuits. One, but such an important decision in favor of the many millions of apartment owners has been taken.Konstantin KrylovSource: 5-tv.ru

15.11.2010 - Address Street, you brother ... Country! With the "common house" power consumption.
Russian President said: "We are waiting for a very interesting future." And he is absolutely right. The future we will, indeed, interesting. The Russian government revealed its complete hostility to the people, their rottenness and limit corruption and convince people graveyard nature of "stability" in the country.
It's time to uncovering the red banner of October! It is time to charge the "Aurora", she still shoot!
Our great country is sometimes a little when getting into the act very strange powers.
As if by a mysterious signal, at the same time, all over the country, there is ... in the receipt of payment the string "common house registration" and most importantly, the amount unwarranted payment. Note that the payment of utility bills are not worried about only a very small circle of people who know what it is tomorrow it compensates. Everyone else, get nervous, knocking on the door of different responsibilities, hoping to make a mistake, but it turns out ... already prepared some resolutions and decisions. Provided impenetrable protection at all levels, the most unpopular actions.
And, although in August 2008, had no legal basis for inclusion in the receipt line "common house registration", she is still alive. According to the deputy. Minister of Housing, gathered sickly harvest, 600 million rubles.
In December 2008, the first session of the court at the suit of Rospotrebnadzor in favor of "indefinite number of persons," to some reason, only the Management Company "LLC" UK REMP UZHSK. "
"Indefinite number of persons" in the amount of more than 2,000 applications from all over the city, protested against appearing in the receipt line "common house registration" and completely defies logic spread invoiced amounts, without physical indicators, allegedly delivered, electricity.
Since that time, it took several vessels, the latter took out "strange" decision in favor of "indefinite number of persons", but without the return of their money to victims. (?? !!)

During this period, people around the city have been denied their right to appeal to the other institutions, including the judiciary, (?? !!) on the pretext that the expected decision would be extended to all areas of the city.According to the internet, the population, including the poor, are maintained by the state, were seized 600 million pe.
These funds were seized in violation of the financial and tax legislation in, frankly, gray schemes, frankly corrupt chain of the Government of Yekaterinburg, and it is protected.

A number of questions to which residents and public organizations do not find an answer, nor from officials of the City Administration, law enforcement, regulatory bodies or to the Housing Code:?) The appearance of the management company in the life of the owners was bypassing the conditions stipulated by the RF Government Decree №75, of 06.02.2006, "On the Authority of local government open tender for selection UKompanii to manage the apartment building," and therefore, the so-called transfer of housing reform Utilities - NOT SUCCESSFUL OR one document has not been confirmed.
In fact, there is a raider capture housing administration of the Sverdlovsk region, and the opportunity to withdraw from the control of the owners not only utilities, means of social support, but government funding.
The total amount for the whole city rate "housing maintenance," says the Mayor, one more proof, and another fact his opposition to the Housing Code.
?) UKompanii were imposed by the Administration of the owners and all the information about them are completely classified. We do not know:> Who is the founder,> Under what conditions and with what UKompaniya registered authorized capital,> Before any authorities and tax reports, a checking account,> With whom and under what conditions is a partnership,> What documents and the rights to my property owned UKompaniya,> Absolutely secret financial side UKompanii activities, and our payments,> Absolutely secret financial side of the tariff "maintenance of housing."?) Contract management of an apartment house, Article 162 of the RF LCD, was cynically replaced by "public contract", Art. 426 of the Civil Code, which is legally null and void, and actually left the fate of the property and all financial decisions to the discretion of the Raiders, with all the consequences. No hint of the applications list of facilities management, environment management and the value of that control.
UKompaniya, in fact, imposes inexperienced owners, "TERMS AND CONDITIONS", developed by the City Administration for public housing and contains a gross violation of consumer rights.
Just to pay the owners were podsazheny entire budget organizations (?? !!) ATS, BTI and other that the court does not surprise me.
?) There are no documents confirming the "maintenance of housing", signed by the owners, and supporting consumption, both personal and public funds.
Moreover, the representative of ICC said in court (and the court accepted it) that UKompaniya not obliged, to know decipher "the maintenance of housing."
However, in the republican classifier - services "housing maintenance" no.
It can occur as a "housing maintenance №HH home", referring to the annex to the contract list of services to the individual price and signed meeting of owners.
?) The receipt for payment of utilities recipient exhibited a current account Integral Clearing Centre, JSC "Bank" Ekaterinburg ", the presence of which, according to the Ministry of Regional Development letters №8167-UT / 07 dated 02.05.2007, in this form, the legislation of the Russian Federation, is not provided .
UKompaniya, the defendant, meanwhile, registered in Chkalovsky Dep. Sberbank, and on a number of grounds, access to financial flows has not.
The court also did not attract tax office to confirm their respective countries the financial movements on the relevant tax laws.
?) The form of the receipt and recording conditions testimony electricity decorated in a way that allows you to make calculations ALL registry and monthly; manipulate indications for artificially created debt; as well as to give an accurate picture of the resource and its release payment can only initiate
?) Without notice owners, "default", the ICC has repeatedly changed as settlement and personal accounts, introduced a barcode. Citizens are sending money in "different pockets." It is interesting that to obtain such receipts on a monthly basis, all court staff, economists regulatory and tax authorities are not surprised and happy to pay. Theirs was not a single protest. Budget-paid content, obviously involves not curiosity, and perhaps complicity.

With all the unknowns, the CPS has found a violation of consumer rights, wrote a letter, which did not react not only UKompaniya, but officials Chernetskii AM, stirring Zolotov YM, and so on ...
Rospotrebnadzora functions have been performed, for they had no further tool - Rules for the necessary and mandatory, in this case, the financial and economic activities UKompanii, ICC, UZHKH Sverdlovsk region, the Bank "Ekaterinburg".
In the next step, should make a submission to law enforcement agencies for the assessment of UKompanii under the relevant articles of the Russian legislation with the assistance of expertise.
Instead, the prosecutor's office crawled into the bushes, leaving CPS mangle, including absolutely no legal concepts and terms, to engage in dialogue on the fingers, trying not to offend the legal side of the issue.

Filed a lawsuit in 2008 for two years limited the possibilities owners MCD to defend itself, in which we were illegally denied and concealed a number of questions that we asked officials and decision-makers, thus stretched opportunity unreasonable robbery, on behalf of the Government of the Sverdlovsk region.
?) Why is "indefinite number" of persons confined Chkalovsky district and LLC "MC" REMP UZHSK "when other companies have also introduced a city that line in the receipt, despite a letter of Rospotrebnadzor, and already coming trial?
?) Why, despite the public prosecutor Chkalovsky district with the requirement to suspend these charges UKompaniyam, they continued with impunity throughout the city?
?) Whose almighty hand of monthly data sanctioned looting, sign administrative documents?
?) Why is equal to the defendant acted Ltd. "ICC"? Who really is the manager of finance, had the right to conduct financial and economic activity, fiscal accountability and responsibility, whose signature was accompanied by financial flows?
?) The court UKompaniya presented as "under contract", while, as these agreements do not exist today. LLC "UK" REMP UZHSK "has attempted to sign the back and today the number of" conditions "of services, forcing the population, void document.
?) The court dealt with the financial statements, confirming the exact amount "of a debt" to provide settlement approved by the responsible person, and the evidence was presented for payment services, verification of these documents and their analysis.
?) The court was not provided administrative documents on which the operator has been introduced this line, and each payment amount.
All of these materials can reclaim, check and submit the corresponding estimate only the prosecutor's office.

At the first court hearing, the prosecutor Nikitin AS, said: - "Now that there is a" duty ", it must be someone to pay!"
On the basis of this statement, the prosecutor's office is looking for who can be forced to pay, not the one who is the "duty" of "realized", and already stuffed his pockets for the interested. Two, the court carefully devised a way to stall for time, which was used UKompaniyami for robbery, in fact - "stood on the lookout," decide whether the line "maintenance of housing," forty-two cents a square. meter, although once received acts examination of the Regional Energy Commission.
The trial took place in a minimum of information.
The owners hardly learned about the time and place of the process.
Room to resolve the issue, was interested in the whole city, stood out room 10 sq.m.
Log audience was limited. Media were amicably indifferent.Each hearing postponed for up to 6 months.All this confirms the existence of a conspiracy between the participants of the trial, when for the sake of certain interests are violated procedural order.

October 15 hosted another farce that recognizing unfounded charges, but ruled on the need for a personal appeal to the court, each, robbed the owner.

Thus, following the perverted fantasies court, every citizen must pass an individual lawsuit on which he must prove (UKompanii ??), (?? ICC) (barcode ??), that he had never seen the settlement documents, did not receive the service, and that the RECs knowingly receive wages - in tariff of 0.42 penny included.
The court does not even remember that, according to financial legislation, all payment and bank documents have long compulsory storage, and enough to enter data conversion program as a technique to execute it. Robbed IMMEDIATELY get their money, and fraudsters lose looted 600 million rubles, already thoroughly stuffed in his pockets.
The owners have to admit - Ekaterinburg bidder in the book world record holder for the most ridiculous, long lasting lawsuit in the world, the most senseless judgment which, in fact, there is a mockery and the genocide of the population, helpless against the team of Mr. Chernetskii, collect all the utilities of the city and field in the bank, handed their relatives and friends.
The Court does not consider questions raised by the proprietor, a violation of tax and financial legislation, the responsibility of a whole group of officials on the legality of doing this way housing management of the city, about the security of our property was in the hands of raiders and just scams.
And, finally, the complete vulnerability of the population, especially the poor and pensioners from any legal insanity, used in the organs of control to protect the criminal octopus, of course, for the benefit of themselves.

Public organizations
"Committee on the Protection of the Rights of homeowners MCD"
"Ekaterinburg Development Council local government"
"The initiative group of residents of the area Chimmash"
More than one year solving problems of Yekaterinburg utilities, have to admit.

The housing stock in Yekaterinburg, except in rare, self-determined HOA is in raider management employees of the Administration, the government and the deputies of the city. The owners are deprived of any opportunity to property management, utilities, budgetary funds.
Moreover, absolutely all the relations between the owners and property management built on sabotaging the Russian legislation,
All relationships with the tax authorities and control, built on the rejection of these bodies carry out their duties, and the sabotage of the Russian legislation,
Courts demonstrate monstrous Legal Insanity, and again, the sabotage of the Russian legislation.
Sabotage Russian laws of the Russian state, sabotage our President declared programs to combat corruption, and frank gone, all these years, our money, billions in gray schemes.

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