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понедельник, 20 апреля 2015 г.

Who is to blame for the collapse of Russian village?

Russian President Vladimir Putin for nearly four hours answering questions from the Russians. Belarusians are also worth looking statement. After all, apparently soon our food industry is waiting for a new wave of "trade wars".This can be understood from the very beginning of the performance. After all, on common claims Russian farmers on the purchase price, where the manufacturer gets only a fifth of the selling price, found an interesting argument. It turned out that there was blame Belarusian producers of milk and dairy products. After all, when in Belarus all the money and loans invested in food security, Russia has stepped into the WTO and the international division of labor, on the road destroying entire industries and agriculture.

Apparently now, having received the approval of the President, government regulators Russia will deploy new "military" action against the Union State.Although farmers were asked simple justice, but rather to restrain trade networks appetite to make a profit, leaving himself a fair margin.Special feeling of pity called selfless American who on Russian soil, marrying Russian women, not only created a high-performance farm, but also brought up five children. In his words, children are not eager to continue his father's work, believing that the work wear in favor of a Mediterranean estate and ultra-modern yacht Russian officials and oligarchs owners of software companies, is just silly.It is worth noting that Vladimir Putin has found arguments to accuse this amazing man, making excuses for milk yield.I wonder, is the head of the Russian state is not bothered by the fact that the authorities are doing everything to discourage the Russians to work in rural areas, have children, as his assistants and heirs?Hence, it will be interesting influx of population, if die remnants of the Russian countryside, and agricultural products will only produce robotic agricultural holdings. After all, the village has always given population growth for endangered cities.A Belarusian food companies have to go through another "trade war", multimillion incur financial losses and continue to look for more reliable partners, rather than those who are used to shift their problems on others. Or hope that oil prices will rise again and the Russian government will continue to regale on the laurels of natural resource rents, proud that so skillfully, sells the future of their descendants, and the population will deteriorate and die.
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